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============== Gryphine’s POV ==============

“You head towards the Ancestral King Erik’s flag, but whether the light is still with Aouine, as the daughter of King Oberg, princess of the royal family, I am unable to answer you; Lord Brendel, you have fulfilled your promise you had made in your previous letter.

Your resolve is shown through your words as well as your deeds. Currently, the northern rebels are starting to swarm together and for that reason, the kingdom shakes. As a direct descendant of the Corvado lineage, I cannot show any signs of retreating.

I thank you for your trust with much gratitude, and if hope still resides in Aouine, then it would definitely be found in our hearts.

This letter is my wish to give you a reply. I promise to change this kingdom even if I have to dedicate everything that I have.”

Gryphine Corvado Orphelia folded the parchment lightly. Her expression was relaxed as though her worries and concerns did not exist in the sinking and decaying ship that she was in. But this was the calm before the storm. Dark clouds and raging winds were gathering, and furious storms were about to brew.

A few knocks came from the door, and it was the attendant who wore a set of red gown asking for the third time in regards to the arranged schedule. The carriage was already waiting outside the palace, with Oberbeck and Makarov as well as other important retainers expecting her presence.

The meeting with Duke Arreck was pushing right in front of their brows. The Aouine right now had never experienced such a personage who was able to affect the entire balance of the scales.

Gryphine did not expect the young men and women from the Vlada region to change the situation of the civil war, and the only army that was prepared to resist the northern nobles now was the Verstein army.

Gryphine’s half brother had tried of ways to court Duke Arreck into his camp, but he was unfortunately unable to put up a bid high enough to do so.

The princess knew clearly what that wily old man wanted. He wanted a successor with royal blood to legitimately steal the Aouine’s throne, and his family had been plotting to do so ever since the Ten Years Commandment.

But she would rather cause a bloody war than allow that to happen. The people who broke the divine oath made by the Ancestral King would never be able to inherit that bright flag. It would be the stain made to the Lionheart, especially when the Arreck family colluded with the Unifying Guild for many years. They thought their secret was safe, but such affairs were never possible to be always kept hidden.

Gryphine’s pursed lips could not help but curve upwards. It was a mocking smile of seething rage. Who were they fooling?

The current weather was melting the season’s snow. Delaying this meeting would push Duke Arreck to the other side.

[As a figure of the royal family, I should have made a decision long ago.]

Gryphine lowered her head, reached out

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