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v3c289The Passage of Time

Rokshbe Hall’s long corridor was clear like a piece of mirror, and from time to time, there would be a priest in red walking by, their footsteps clicking as they move. Brendel was sitting on a long bench inside, fiddling with the menu sheepishly under the moon. Sometimes, a system window would open up beside him as he checked the time.

It had been three hours since the incident in the afternoon.

The massacre in Acacia manor had shaken the Holy Cathedral, and they had started investigations, but it was predicted that results would not be produced in a short period of time. But besides that, Brendel realized that, after he had cut down two Gold rankers and several Silver rankers, he managed to raise one level. And now his Holy Knight Class had reached level 16. As the class was an Ascended Class, it needed more experience to level up, and that to level up to level 16, it would require as much experience as a normal Warrior leveling up to level 25.

But for every level up for an Ascended Class, the stats would have a greater increase when compared to the Basic Classes, so it can still be said that being a Holy Knight is stronger than the other Basic Classes. It was until two years later in the game that the first Ascended Class appeared, so in essence, Brendel was faster than the players by one year. It was all thanks to Mavicart’s Grimoire. However, even it was now a small piece of what it was originally as the Nine Luminaries Sword Art was like a black hole, sucking in all the experience the Grimoire has to give.

Brendel was checking on his newly added stats as he sucked on whatever was left of the Mavicart’s Grimoire. He leveled up once more, closing the gap with the peak of Gold rank. If he excluded his other Classes, Brendel expected that he would have to reach at least level 60 to reach the Elemental Realm. It would be an arduous and long task, but he did not have the liberty of the time to do that with all his responsibilities as of now.

“But if I can’t get into the Elemental Realm in time, it would be hard for me to protect myself when the Demonic Waves come,” Brendel shook his head. “No, it had already started.” The Loop of Winds was just an opening act, and although it had not affected the majority of Vaunte yet, it was bound to happen.

And it is evident that there had been a higher activity with the Magic Beasts recently. The astrologists in the South even thought that it was a side effect of the Loop of Winds.

They were only half correct. It was not a side effect, but rather just the beginning of the Demonic Waves.As someone who experienced this once before, Brendel was really knowledgable about all of this.

He pressed on the ‘+’ symbol on his system window, and then notifications for confirmation began to pop up.

-System notification: Holy Knight Skill ‘Blood of Sun’ leveled up to Level 10.

-System notification: Holy Knight Skill ‘Crown of Thorns’ leveled up to Level

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