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v3c297A Message From the North

As the final items were auctioned off, the auction drew its conclusion. During that time, Brendel had bought three hundred thousand Taels worth of adamantite, one of the materials needed to forge the Full Metal Armor. With Abram’s relics and the money he had inherited from Amman, soon he would be able to get his hands on that new armor. Magadal had also bought a brooch from the Wind Elves as a gift to Amandina.

The last item of the auction was a round shield that had been passed down since Kirrlutz’s Kanov Dynasty, however both Brendel and Amandina were no longer paying any attention. The only thing that occupied their mind was the shaky state of Ampere Seale’s politics. Both of them hurriedly left the room once the auction was concluded.

Magadal was planning to return to the Holy Cathedral to avoid raising any more suspicion. She wanted to research further on the Holy Cathedral of Fire’s true motives, as well as whether Archbishop Moros had made any under-the-table deals with the nobles.

As for Brendel, he was rather satisfied with how things had gone. Even though there wasn’t much news, at least he had gained a reliable ally in the Holy Cathedral and understood Kirrlutz’s intentions. Brendel had a lot of confidence in Princess Magadal’s character, after all kindness was her strongest suit. In his original timeline, she was known for her kindness, and brought about the saying ‘beauty in the heart transcends appearance’. Not that it suggested she was ugly in any way, her beauty was only slightly below Princess Gryphine’s, earning her the title of ‘Humanity’s Queen Aines’. [T/L: Queen Aines was an Elf Queen known for her beauty back during the Holy War.]

Brendel had Amandina deal with the transactions while he immediately left the auction house. He entered a carriage and ordered: “74, Scorpion Street”. The carriage took off in a blur, twisting and turning in the maze-like Ampere Seale, until it stopped in front of one of the buildings of the suburban district. All of the houses in this area had been bought by Sue. He walked towards a house looking over the bay area of Ampere Seale. The doors immediately opened for him once he arrived.

A peculiar feminine face appeared from behind the doors. Gills were growing in the underside of her face, and her skin was the color of green jade. Her yellow eyes were wide with alarm, staring at Brendel with a cautious look. “Hello, Nendez,” Brendel greeted the naga with a smile. Nendez nodded her head, retreating from the door to let Brendel enter.

“Master.” Two other nagas walked out, one of them being Sani, who was sent here to act as an envoy to the lord of Trentheim after being injured in battle a few days ago.. Brendel had become the nagas’ most precious ‘friend’ after he used Health Potion No. 1 to cure their queen, but the true reason the nagas valued Brendel as their ally was because the queen had her sights on Brendel’s potential. Anyone who pos

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