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Amandina nodded at Brendel, taking a stack of papers as she walked out. In a way, she was still the same person Brendel first met, stone-cold and highly disciplined. But from her cheeks, that seemed to gradually gain its redness, and her forehead that began to form wrinkles, she looked a lot more mature now.

She looked around and raised her eyebrows. She formed a fist and put it slightly to her lips, coughing, “Ever since our successful attempt in defeating Count Radner’s ridiculous attack…”

Several people chuckled, earning her death glare. Although she would not give a supercilious gaze, she radiated an air of displeasure throughout the entire place.

“Development in Firbur, Port Gris, and the Mirtai region are progressing smoothly. The projects held there are on time as well…” As the entire crowd began to settle down, she accordingly explained the entire situation that surrounded Aouine.

In summary, Firbur was steadily developing. The crisis of having a food shortage was resolved with the purchase of wheat and other produce from Ampere Seale. The amount of food they had was capable to last them until April next year. What was left was to pray for a bountiful harvest this year. But of course, they could still purchase some food. Amandina took this chance to propose the suggestion of purchasing goods as soon as possible. War seemed like it was about to break out soon in the North and the grain prices would inflate exponentially.

The few people who participated in the internal affairs of the region: Bosley, Romaine, Odum, and Ciel also agreed with her plan. Brendel, of course, could only naturally agree. He had originally planned to head for Ampere Seale, and could buy them in the meantime. Ampere Seale was decided to be the permanent central trading hub by the nobles and the Holy Cathedral. As the final talks for war were happening now, while most hoped that a civil war will not arise, the merchants were secretly wishing that it would, leading to the sudden inflation of grain prices. There were also a few people who were steadily stocking up produce.

But it’s guaranteed for a war to break up and there’s no way for both sides to reconcile. While the negotiations right now were made with the purpose to prolong the peace, it was actually the final verbal struggle to obtain the throne. The Princess will definitely let this be the chance for her to be wed to Duke Arreck, who in rumors, had arrived at Ampere Seale along with the Royal Faction’s messengers and was one step ahead of the king’s eldest son and his messengers.

To the others, the outcome may still look undecided, but Brendel, with his memories as a player, knew that the Princess and Duke Arreck had arrived. It was just kept undercover. This could not be helped, after all, Trentheim was faraway from Ampere Seale, and all the news was relayed by the merchant ships. Despite all that, Brendel had known the truth behind everything.

In any case, it was history repe

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