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The Holy War(8)

Outside of Ampere Seale’s South Gate, a gentle slope extended towards the foothills of the Marchenko Mountains. The black forests slowly approached in Brendel’s sights. The young men and women of the Royal Cavalry Academy could not resist cheering out loud. Although the crisis had not been fully resolved yet, everyone’s moods were uplifted and excited from being one step closer to freedom.

“We’re finally out.” Brendel breathed a sigh of relief. After all, hiding in the mountains was much easier than fighting on the streets Especially in Aouine, as the port of Ampere Seale was considered one of the places most vulnerable to infiltration from the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Fighting on foreign ground always gave people a sense of pressure.

The participation of Count Audine gave Brendel a big surprise, and he only knew after asking that Count Audine had met with Oberwei to come up with this plan long in advance. At that time, if the princess decided to head north, he would have led his soldiers to the northern port of Vlada-Pez to coordinate. But if they chose to head south like in the current situation, the soldiers stationed here would become a powerful hidden force.

Count Audine also brought in an Archdruid named Wochik. Brendel recognized this person. This Archdruid was a herbalist master living in seclusion within the Marchenko Mountains near Ampere Seale. He specialized in teaching his knowledge on herbalism to players. But Brendel was not interested in herbalism; rather, he was interested in the information itself. This Archdruid was not a friend of Audine, but he had come out anyway at the request of Master Anderson from the Loop of Trade Winds. The druid had been steadfastly neutral in ‘The Amber Sword’ and he rarely intervened in worldly affairs. Just like the Grand Elder back then who promised to only defend Valhalla.

Now, Anderson had taken the initiative to intervene with Aouine’s civil strife. nobody knew if it was his personal idea or the elder’s. However, it was more likely to be the latter’s, which meant that the Loop of the World might have already acknowledged Brendel’s existence, and approved his actions to a certain extent.

This was great news. Brendel was different from the norm. Most people thought that the druids were scattered in the forest at the borders, relaying messages and information between each other through the Loop of Trade Winds. A powerful force, one that operated solely in the peripheries–as long as you do not mess with them, that is. But Brendel knew about the existence of the Loop of the World and the Druid Loops’ Council, and he knew that if he received approval from both of them, his exploits would be more convenient in the future.

But all that was meant for the future; there were still present adversities to overcome. After a few words of greeting, Brendel did not want to waste any more time. He immediately ordered the young knights of Royal Cavalry Academy to scatte

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