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Chapter 226 – Your sword shall shine for all eternity, Aouine (2)

[How is this possible!]

The first swordsman under Count Randner had his eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. Brendel clearly borrowed the additional speed from his horse to make it a perfect strike of power and speed. The expected outcome was that he had to recover from the feedback.

People in this world called it ‘stiffness’—

But Brendel did not seem like he had that problem. No matter how the swordsman looked at it, the youth was exerting his entire force behind the sword again, and it was no different from the earlier attack.

It was as if he had violated the laws of mechanics.

Almost as if it was two separate people meting two separate strikes……

The Gold-ranked swordsman under Count Randner could not understand, but there was no need to try and do so. If he did not block the incoming attack again, he would be bidding his farewell to this world. And yet he knew that if he tried to block it, he would be smashed to the ground as he had not even regained his balance.

But there was no choice and he raised his sword to block the attack as a sheen of perspiration erupted from his face. He only felt the entire world swirl as a massive force slammed down on him, causing him to tumble across the ground as though he had been swatted like a fly.

The twin strikes from Brendel were accomplished in an instant, and to the soldiers’ eyes, he had somehow split into two, striking down that Gold-ranked swordsman as though the latter had been learning how to use the sword for the first time.

It was only at this moment when that swordsman’s partner was in striking range, who was gritting his teeth with utter bewilderment.

If it were a normal duel where everyone was in striking range, then Brendel’s feat would not have mattered that much as the swordsman could at least cover for each other.

The youth’s third move started once again— The second swordsman could still see Brendel’s sword terminating at where it was supposed to end, but the youth’s weapon was already somehow raised above his head.

Supposing the second swordsman was instead a new player in the game, then he would have slapped the ground with teary eyes: This bastard was cheating!

That man’s reaction was to frantically deal with the sight before him. If he still did not join in the battle, then his partner would definitely be killed.

[All three of us are clearly Gold-rankers, but this boy dealt with my partner in less than three moves without even breaking a sweat. How is this possible!]

He swung his sword.

Logically speaking, Brendel might have swung his sword consecutively, but he abandoned all notions of defense. Taking advantage of this chance should be enough to rescue the swordsman on the ground, surely the youth had to defend himself, right?

But the second swordsman found himself in a daze as he was proven completely wrong.

Brendel did not care about the

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