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Chapter 234 – Wind sharpshooter (2)

Carglise indeed brought the good news from Tamar and Bosley. He had brought an improved armor meant for the sharpshooters. The remodeled equipment was close to perfection. Its surface was polished carefully and carved with Elven emblems, and it appeared largely different from the earlier prototypes that were hastily made. Magic from the emblems of lily and wild vines had turned the armor’s color to dark green, and it glittered under the chromatic glass lit by the sunlight.

It resembled more like an art piece made out emerald, but Brendel ignored it and only paid attention to the feathered cloak attached to the armor. It certainly seemed like it was added to the armor for the sake of improving its aesthetics, but it was actually added to reduce the weight and cost of making a lighter armor. Bosley and Tamar had tried various means, but they finally thought of a method to cheat, which was to add a magic cloak.

The cloak was implemented with magic similar to the First Circle spell, Wings of Wind. The latter magic could raise the receiver’s speed slightly and even allow them to levitate a little.

Carglise even brought along two female Elven archers to demonstrate the equipment in action. Their performance exceeded expectations. They were moving a little clumsily because of their armor, but once they activated the cloak, they moved as though there were wings behind them. Two blurry figures sped along the branches and leaped across long distances while they fired arrows at the falling leaves in the forest.

[What a stroke of genius. Hmm, those Elven hats that they wear are hiding part faces, revealing only their sharp chins when they fire their arrows. Admittedly I lost myself for a moment when I saw those cloaks fluttering behind them. They actually remind me of a legendary unit from the Silver— The Forest Song of Blades. Silver bows and silver cloaks, but these Elven archers are just as cool as them with emerald color.]

Brendel was admiring the Elves’ performance when Medissa suddenly spoke:

“May I…… My Lord, may I lead this unit that you’re forming?”

The youth turned his head and found Medissa to be slightly enthralled. He did not expect her to request for something out of her own initiative.

“Medissa? …… But they are archers?” He replied.

“I know…… Erm……” Medissa lowered her head and her voice became softer: “I’m sorry…… It’s just that I’m a little bothered by it, my lord.”

Brendel’s eyes turned slightly wide as he thought of a possibility:

“You were once the commander of the ‘Forest Song of Blades’?”

The Elven princess’s head snapped up and she looked at him in stunned silence.

“Medissa, you’re amazing.” Brendel praised her.

The Forest Song of Blades were the strongest open-combat unit in the Silver Elves’ army, even retaining the fame of having the best archers in the continent. How much of an accomplishment was it to be their commander?

It was tr

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