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The silhouette disappeared. Brendel hesitated before he raised Halran Gaia and chased after it. The endless passage was illuminated by the soft glow of the Stone in his hands. The walls were plastered with a type of cement that was commonly seen in most dungeons to waterproof them.

The youth’s footsteps resonated louder, proving that there was a large cavity ahead. Brendel slowed down just to see the silhouette flashed in front of his face and fired two spikes of crystal at him.

“Fuck!” He slashed in the air and shattered the crystal projectiles. He gritted his teeth and brushed his arms. He cursed in Marsha’s name that the monster’s strength was too ridiculous. Seeing that his attack had failed, the monster retreated. Albeit slow, it hid in the shadows and quickly disappeared.

Brendel swore furiously and chased the monster. But after a few steps, he halted and looked back that the corridor he came from with the Stone in his hands. Apparently, he had made it past the corridor and is not in the chamber he saw earlier.

The area was an open hall filled with tall pillars. The light from the Stone did not even cover one percent of the entire area. The floor alternated between black and white slabs of rocks. Besides the smears and cracks on the ground, it was evident that the place was once a majestic place.


He could not help but hold his breath. The place did not resemble that of a catacomb, unlike one befitting a king. “Eh?” The ground and the lower half of the pillars were filled with strange patterns. At first, he thought it was some kind of artistic murals, but upon a closer look, he discovered that they were grooves with mithril cast into them.

Brendel’s hand trembled. He nearly used Halran Gaia to dig out the mithril for himself. But he held back. After all, he knew that there was only one thing that it could be used with for- a Magic Formation.

Stopping to study the room, he found the silent and vast darkness seemed to contain some sort of mystical energy, and he was at a loss of words for a moment: this entire corridor is actually a giant Magical Formation! He recalled his experience in the Everwinter Hall, a sanctuary blessed by the Goddess of the Northern Winds, Jubius. That divine territory was protected by four statues of that Goddess, with several kilometers of golden runes to cast a neverending cold wind. And surprisingly, those runes were similar to the ones he was seeing in the tomb.

With nothing could be heard, nor seen for miles, the place resembled a graveyard. And the runes that were carved on the ground felt that they had lost their purpose.

“Just what kind of place is this?” Brendel subvocalized. He traced the runes into the deeper parts of the hall,his footsteps echoing darkness, appearing to bea small light moving across a dark world.

Legends had it that the Everwinter Sanctuary was very far away, secluded from the rest of the world in the Evermist Mountains.And how would that m

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