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The dark clouds were like a layer of frost, Marquis Yoakam breathed out white mist as he held onto the railings on the manor, his pale white face seemed to smile.

“This weather is surely terrible, My Lord,” the servant behind him grumbled.

His master was wearing a leopard coat, and he just rubbed his arms, “Although it may be cold now in the winter, it will not stop our burning passion.”

“Do you mean your ambition?”

Marquis Yoakam just laughed and put his hands on the railing. He was looking at the two horse-driven carriages that were traversingthrough the forest before stopping in front of the manor’s front gate.

In the building’s hall now, there were many beautifully dressed nobles. Although they were people with a fair amount of influence around these places, but the meeting going on tonight was one that decided the fate of the Kingdom, so they were merely side characters around the place.

And the true players of this game were the people in those carriages-

When the carriage stopped before the gates of the hall, the discussions become silent whispers. Everyone could see through the windows that, the carriages had the emblem of a shield, a crescent moon, a set of crossed staves, a crown and also the winged snake on it.

And they all knew the identity of the people in the carriages just too well.

They were the last remaining descendant of House Covardo, Princess Gryphine, and her brother.

But even when compared to the carriage of the Royal Family, the other carriage only had a simple design: a fierce-looking eagle and nothing else. The emblem itself signified the pressure upon everyone’s hearts.

If someone were to rank the influence of the six strongest Dukes in Aouine, the answer would definitely be the owner of this carriage-

Duke Arreck.

The knights opened the door for the princess. Her mauve gown was like a colored cloud that sprung out of nowhere. Princess Gryphine slowly walked down her carriage and she raised her head. Her silvery round eyes reflected the glow in her eyes, and on her slender shoulders was a thin fur shawl, revealing her weak self.

A weak but brave and valorous princess.

And everyone on the scene held their breath. They had heard, from rumors, that the jewel on her crown was the most shining gem in all of Aouine. But it was until they had seen it that they truly believed in it.

That sly fox Arreck,was what most of them thought as well at the time. Most…except Marquis Yoakam who revealed a wide grin. He lowered his head to sniff the musk perfume on his coat.He is truly a sly bastard. Is this meeting a foothold for him to get closer to the Princess? But I’m truly curious as to how well the Princess would retaliate. He…he…he…

As the doors of the second carriage opened, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air once more. Even Marquis Yoakam found it odd. The Duke Arreck that stepped out of it was no old man like everyone thought. His glowing white eyebrows am

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