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Holy Knight Ascension(2)

Back on the alley, there was a row of golden-red pillars, the carvings on it like flames. As Magadal walked past them, she felt uneasy and held up the lower part of her dress to walk faster, and she looked like an innocent princess. She walked past the inner passages of the Anderla Cathedral and came to a small hall to see Sir Benninger waiting for her.

She may not admit it, but she had some interest in the young man. As someone who was willing to give up his noble inheritance for love and justice, he could easily garner the favor of anyone. Plus Benninger fitted her image of someone who would fight against their fate.

She saw the young man, and could not help but feel nervous, so she shyly spoke, “Sir Benninger, may I know why you’re here to see me?”

“Princess Gryphine desires to know the situation in the Holy Cathedral.”

She had foreseen the outcome, but she still could not help but feel slightly dejected. “It’s the same. Archbishop Wood wishes the Holy Cathedral to take a neutral stance. Deacon Icahn may like you all, but there’s no doubt he’ll support the Archbishop’s decision.”

“It’s already good news that the Holy Cathedral is not our enemy,” Benninger answered. Only in front of the Nun Princess could he reveal his meek side. To others, he was the same elite noble that they respected.

“What’s up?”

“There were some disturbances happening with the Lion Beastmen, and the princess is worried that the Holy Cathedral may want to end the war before it began.”

Magadal arched her eyebrows, and answered softly, “I don’t think Archbishop Wood will support that idea. But... I just received news that there were some happenings in the main Holy Cathedral of Fire.”


“Archbishop Wood’s time as Archbishop is ending soon, and the main Cathedral had already sent a successor, along with another messenger, to take up his mantle. And those people gave me a bad feeling.”

“What’s the name of the successor?” Benninger asked. He did not look happy or worried and just spoke out a question.

“I don’t know, Sir Benninger. That’s the most confidential information of the Holy Cathedral, and to be honest, I should not be telling you this,” She eyed him with worry and said.

“Princess Gryphine and you are outstanding people in this world. But this world is an unfair place, and I’m sorry I could not be of help.” The Nun Princess who had been running all this while to get here was slightly red from exhaustion, and looked so cute that even Benninger wanted to take one more look at her.

He smiled and shook his head, “It’s fine. I still have to thank you, Princess Magadal. You seem to be coming here in a rush, did something happen?”

He meant the inner workings of the Cathedral, where only the higher-ups could access. He may have come from a noble family, but, with his identity as the messenger of Princess Gryphine, he could not access the place.

Magadal heard him, and nodded with a

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