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Chapter 227 – Your sword shall shine for all eternity, Aouine (3)

TL reminder: Tarkas is the general who led Madara’s army in the early chapters to invade Aouine.

Madara’s haughty army that made people fearful ultimately did not dare to cross the final line to engage Firburh’s army.

That was because there were two people who constantly stood in front of this undead army.

A man and a woman.

The female was an Elf, her proud composure as radiant as the stars in the sky. Her young age seemed to be unable to express the fact that she was the commander of Firburh’s army, but it did not interfere with her skills as one.

Medissa held a silver lance and placed it horizontally while she sat straight up on her horse, quietly blocking Tarkas’s path less than fifty meters away. In her eyes, Madara’s army did not exist.

The man was a middle-aged swordsman. He did not even look at Madara’s army from the very start, but the tens of thousands of undead did not dare to overlook his presence.

That was because he was Mephisto, the Sword Saint of Ashes.

“Lord Palas has started advancing.” A black knight whispered next to Tarkas’s ear.

The latter nodded.

“What does Lord Incirsta say?”

“His Lordship says, Aouine…… never lacks heroes. This is a decision of a military man, and we must respect the glory in a battlefield.”

Tarkas nodded.

“Then let us retreat. Hopefully, we can still come back to this land once again if I still live.”

The vampire commander looked at Medissa and Mephisto as he spoke.

“We’re already dead, my Lord.” The black knight replied.

Tarkas paused for a moment before he nodded.

The presence of the undead left bit by bit.

There were two thousand-odd men on the battlefield, and their encountered resistance was a small army made up of several hundred mercenaries, Tree Elves, and Centaurs.

But the outcome was already decided.

These two thousand men under Lord Palas were Iron-ranked soldiers, with less than a hundred knights in the Silver-rank. On the opposite end, they faced powerful Silver-rankers with a considerable amount nearing the strength of Gold-rankers, veteran warriors who had survived the Calamity of Wolves.

The flying horses soared to the sky and the Tree Elves’ arrows never missed their mark. It was a one-sided massacre. Lord Palas’s heart was strangled as he heard the screams of the young soldiers around him. The future for Aouine that he saw……

[Indeed, it is supposed to be Aouine’s senior knights leading the younger ones, singing the battle songs, gifting them the highest honor they can attain.]

But the old knight found that he could not do anything.

Their full-on assault had long been stopped ago. Putting aside the enemy army’s regular soldiers, he saw at least four Gold-rankers fighting on the battlefield.

A red-haired young girl using a spear, a Tree Elf, a Centaur, and an astonishingly pretty girl wearing male clothes.

This was t

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