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[A Nest with a portal in it. Looks like it connects to some other dimension. The way how it let us recruit the creatures is probably by summoning and negotiating with them for service.]

Brendel looked at the gleaming portal and threw in two Moon Crystal. As expected, it did not take long for the whirlpool of light to become even more dazzling than before, and a little head peeked out of the portal.

It was a tiny humanoid figure three inches tall. To put it more accurately, that was a proportionately sized miniature young girl with long curly hair, wearing clothes that were as thin as a cicada’s wings. Her body was emitting light and she easily flew in mid-air without wings.

She observed the surroundings with her body still in the whirlpool, then flew before Brendel and the others in an instant, greeting the youth politely:

“Salutations, Milourt.” Her voice was thin and her accent was a little strange. It was as if she was a foreigner speaking the Kirrlutz’s language in a robotic tone.

The girl studied everyone with curious eyes, not showing signs of fear.

“The word Milourt sounds similar to ‘my lord’, but it’s different from the idea of nobility. In the eyes of a magical creature, the person who possesses power is a natural ruler.” Medissa said.

“Hoh,” Romaine uttered a noise, though it was unclear where she understood the difference.

Brendel nodded without skipping a beat, different from the others’ reactions. He was familiar with these magical creatures because of his gaming past.

“Your name, race, and your abilities?”

“My name is Monika,” the girl chirped and introduced herself as she placed a hand over her chest, “we are Light Spirits, and answer to the request of protecting this holy land. We are citizens of the light and our abilities are for nurturing this World Tree Fortress.”

[World Tree Fortress?]

Brendel suddenly felt a sharp pain in his mind and he frowned. For some reason, this term was very familiar to him. He felt like he recognized it from somewhere, but when he searched through his memories carefully, he was unable to tell if it came from the game or he had heard about the lore in this world.

“The World Tree Fortress, or based on Milourt’s own words, calling it Valhalla would be fine. However, Valhalla is the second World Tree Fortress’s name, while is this is the third World Tree Fortress, and also the final one.”

“What do you mean by second and third? What is the exact purpose of this World Tree Fortress?”

“That exact purpose is unknown to us. Milourt, our knowledge is derived from the Legacy of Ether. Our memories are already in place from the time when we are born and I only know this point. Currently, the World Tree is in its initial stage.”

Brendel nodded again. It was typical for knowledge inherited from Legacies to be images and broken words. But his question was merely out of curiosity, and he was more concerned about Valhalla’s potential in the future.

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