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The cavalry wore black armor over dark blue shirts. White collars stuck out from their armor, held together by bronze buttons. They wore helmets – ones that reminded Brendel of the Spanish ones back in his old world. This was the standard uniform of the Aouine cavalry, which meant that they were part of the official army, not some random group of mercenaries or private guards. They did not bear any spears or halberds, but instead, longswords hung from the scabbards at their hips and crossbows were slung across their saddles.

This group of twenty men took up the whole street. Everyone else nearby stood at the side, as they did not dare to cross the soldiers, and even carriages had to stop to let them conclude their business.

Brendel quickly understood the situation. These soldiers had shot down their horses simply because the carriage did not bear the insignia of a noble, and the driver had not stopped the carriage fast enough. Brendel’s heart burned with frustration. He had refrained himself from insulting the likes of Duke Arreck and Duke Seifer during the conference, yet here he was being trampled on by a few lowly soldiers.

“They’re the cavalry unit of the Black Blade Squad.” Amandina squeezed his arm, alarmed at the situation.

Brendel had already identified the trash. The Black Blade Squad was originally the king’s Royal Guard, underneath the lead of Count Vitokin. And although Gryphine’s mother had done the Count lots of favors, the traitor still defected to House Seifer along with the eldest prince. To make matters worse, the Black Blade Squad had decided to follow him like a bunch of headless chickens. Even though they too had been treated well by House Covardo. Unfortunately for King Oberg the Seventh, he had raised a group of traitorous turncoats.

When Brendel saw the purple plume on the opposing group’s helmets, he knew that they were The Rangers, the elites of the Black Blade Squad. In fact, one could already tell by the Earth Drakes that they were riding on, that they were a prestigious Squad.These men must be the personal guard of Count Vitokin.Brendel narrowed his eyes, searching relentlessly for that bastard.

“You have gone too far!” Magadal helped the wounded driver to his feet while staring at the soldiers with rage.

“Too far?” The soldiers laughed at Magadal’s response. There were even a few of them who looked at both Magadal and Amandina lecherously. They did not dare to do anything reckless in front of the Holy Cathedral, but Brendel knew that these soldiers might employ any sort of underhanded methods. “Missy, we were just teaching him some manners,” replied one of the soldiers.

“You…! Very well-” Magadal’s face was flushed with anger. She was going to announce who she was, but Brendel acted. After determining that Count Vitokin was not present, he did not want to waste any more time talking to the trash in front of him. He rapped Halran Gaia against the ground, and the

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