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“Tuman once told me that there was a conqueror in the north, known as Odin, that fought, with the help of his female companions, against the evil Devils from the Burning Hells who had invaded the surface, as well as the Evil Cultists that allied with them. As they were Master’s enemies as well, our Master decided to join in the battle that lasted several decades. And it eventually led to the massive war that raged across the world.

“It should be one of the final battles where he finally defeated the devils and cultists; while the Azure Knights bested the Twilight Dragon, demonstrating an act of good that triumphed over evil. Odin unified the entire continent, the blood of the ancestors becoming newborn hope. But never did anyone expect to see the birth of a new age of darkness.” Orthylss suddenly whispered in Brendel’s mind, a hint of sorrow laced in her words. “If such a thing did not happen, there won’t be the War of the Holy Saints, and there will never be us, the four Holy Saints. Due to one person’s ideology, countless lives were lost. The Darkness Dragon was once a hero; I don’t have the right to hate his actions, but I cannot forgive them either.” Brendel gave a silent nod. He knew this bit of history well: The following ten decades after the Azure Knights’ victory, the darkness only grew. It was said that Madara, The Witches, and the Miirna people were the remnants of The Darkness Dragon’s forces, and were also the main opponents he used to face last time. While he may be the successor of Odin’s legacy, he was not happy to receive it.

Orthlyss was reading Brendel’s thoughts and was surprised by the youth’s vast knowledge of history. The history that she spoke of were ones that were lost in the passage of time, and no one, maybe with the exception of the Wizards of Silver Alliance who were buried in the books studying them, will have read some records on the ancient books. However, he was unfazed even upon hearing it, making Orthylss question his origins.

Legend states that the Darkness Dragon is capable of incredible perception and foresight. As the Fortune Teller Witch, she had long noticed the presence of the Darkness Dragon’s Blood flowing in his veins.Was it really just a coincidence that he inherited the Dragon’s Legacy?

But Brendel had already known all the happenings of this war, so he raised his head to look at the arched ceiling in the dark, the curiosity in his heart growing by the minute.

Ina seemed to have figured out his intentions. But she hesitated to talk about what she was about to say until she remembered that Brendel was also approved by the Pendulum Golem as well, “ Little brat, if you wish to know more about this place, follow me please.”

“Yes?” Brendel looked back with eager eyes.

Ina stated that they would have to cross the tomb to the secret chamber behind it. But before they moved, she wanted to collect the remains of the Pendulum Golem. Brendel did not disagree with her decision and

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