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Holy Knight Ascension (1)

It definitely won’t be easy, Brendel thought. This meeting was less of a conference and more of a final bid to gather more support. Everyone present in that meeting was the absolute pinnacle of Aouine’s power.

The six dukes, Duke Arreck, Duke Seifer, Duke Covardo, Duke Viero, Duke Karsuk and Duke Grinoires; the two lords of Sword Fortress, legate of the White Lion Squad, Marquis Balta, and the king’s cousin Marquis Yoakam; the five earls; two Archbishops of the Holy Cathedral; representative of Ampere Seale’s merchant guild. Without enough influence and power, it would be hard to enter the meeting.

Luckily for Brendel, the meeting was not happening anytime soon. The nobles would only have their meeting next week, giving Brendel sufficient time. He gave this task to Sue, as he had other pressing matters to attend to. After making sure the youngsters from the White Lion Squad had settled down, he had Amandina and Scarlet accompany him into the city.

The carriage drove towards Anderla Cathedral. This cathedral was built in the 227th year of the 1st era, more than 100 years ago from today. Merchants in the city had provided the materials for building the cathedral, and the construction was overseen by the master architect Master Rogning, thus it is known as Ampere Seale’s most treasured piece of art. The cathedral had an oval shape, countless pillars supporting the structure from outside the walls, the arrowhead-shaped doors signifying the power of the divine. They walked on for another hundred and twenty steps and saw a natural geyser in front of them.

The plaza in front of the cathedral was restricted for carriages. The three of them were struck speechless by the imposing architecture in front of them. Anyone who came from the south would be amazed by the magnificent structure. This was the only place in Aouine where one could change classes to Holy Knight. The Holy Cathedral of Fire of Aouine had two ranks of knights. One of them was the Paladin, awarded to those who could become an Elemental Awakener, and the other was Holy Knight, an actual class.

In the early days, only the monks of the Holy Cathedral could become Holy Knights, but later on, the children of nobles could also become one. Any player who wished to advance into this class had to fulfill two conditions. One was that they had to be pure of heart, and the other was that they had to have the mentality of the Flame King. The second condition was easy to meet. All that was needed was for Religious Knowledge(Kirrlutz) to reach a certain level. However, the first condition was more complicated as the letter of recommendation had to be written by the head of a noble family.

The letter in Brendel’s hand was written by Tuman. After the Calamity of Wolves, trying to get Tuman to write a letter of recommendation was rather easy. Since Brendel already had the intention of becoming a Holy Knight, he would not let the opportunity go easily.

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