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Before moving onwards, Brendel had a look at Andrea’s status, only to be surprised by how powerful she was. The vampire girl possessed two Elemental Powers. Besides the common Soul Element that all undead has, she also had another called the Sacrificial Element. The odds of meeting someone with two elements were astronomically low, there would not even be one even in ten thousand. And of course, there were no players having two Elemental Powers.

Most bloodsuckers used their bloodline abilities to fight, but Andrea was both a Wizard and a Warrior. An Array Caster and a Dual-Wielder at that! What kind of miracle is this? I have never even known of a vampire having a class by themselves!

And written at the bottom of the card was Andrea’s skill: “Commands a troupe of dark creatures into the battlefield”.

The Pendulum Golem approached Brendel’s location. But instead of doing anything personally, it commanded the Marionette Swordsmen to slowly surround Brendel, which Brendel found strange. He gestured to Andrea before Dashing away.

He instantly closed the distance between himself and his first target. His opponent could not manage to react before getting its sword knocked away. As Brendel did that, he formed a mirage that stepped forward behind the Marionette Swordman’s back to stab it at its nape.

It was like there were two Brendel’s that formed a pincer attack, instant killing the creature.

Even so, he was not someone who fought recklessly. He turned to hide behind another pillar. But the Golem seemed to have anticipated that, slamming his staff onto the ground and roared as Brendel attacked the Marionette Swordsman, “He’s trying to run again! Number Seven, eight, Nine, advance ten steps! Number Three and Four, cross over Number One to seal the target’s path!

Brendel screamed inwards.When did Pendulum Golem’s have such a strong commanding ability?These creatures were the guards for the Towers of Babel, having high defense and attack. Moreover, they were immune to Elemental Spells, and could even manipulate time within the range of ten steps!I have lost count of how many Elementalist and close-combatants getting beaten up by this massive robot… If anything, it had one flaw: It was slow.

Which made archers the best counter for it. But that did not seem to be the case in this situation.

While Brendel was facing the trouble, Andrea was hiding quietly behind a pillar and drawing four Magic Arrays on it. Just as Brendel killed the first opponent, she was done with her drawings. It was also the time the Pendulum Golem ordered his minions to change formations. That action led him to expose himself in the range of her attack.

But Andrea could not remember Brendel’s order to attack the big one, and hot his minions. She shot a look, and picked out Seventh to be her target.

A streak of black lightning shot out from the array at the Seventh. “Patt!” It hid on the skull of the Swordman, causing it to form a translucent

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