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Chapter 236 – The final preparation, tomb and female commander

The exquisite card was grey, had sigils on its back, and there was gold embossed on its edges. It was as thin as a feather, and on the drawn side was the black city Ludes with high walls against a volcano as its background.

Brendel moved the card away from the sunlight and the golden rays once again shone on Ciel’s luxuriant fiery golden-red robes.

– Echelonius’s Furnace of Adversity

– Paradise of Adversity III

– Costs 30 Will

– [Barrier Nest]

– Attach Echelonius’s Furnace of Adversity to a Land card when it comes into play.

– Tap, pay 2 Will, sacrifice an Echelonian soldier, Echelonius’s Furnace of Adversity gains two Energy counters.

– When travelers move across the Great Plains, they discover the northern Ludes’s volcano to be shrouded with dark clouds illuminated by flames.

“This is……?” Brendel spoke in his mind.

“A group of mercenaries found it an underground city near the silver mines. They seemed to have heard that we’re seeking cards, so they sent it over to me. I believe there are more to be found there. I believe the creator of this card is Kelsie, a relatively successful planeswalker in the past three millennia. She created a shadow world called Echelonius Plains. The famous deck she created is called Echelonius’s Adversity, and the card in your hands is suitable to combine with other decks.”

“And how exactly do you know so much about her?” Brendel raised an eyebrow.

“I am privy to more knowledge about the Laws when my levels were raised, but there wasn’t really a chance to show it.” Ciel gave a shrug.

“This card is amazing?”

“Absolutely. Kelsie is quite a remarkable Planeswalker. If we’re able to discover her Legacy, we will be rich,” Ciel spoke eagerly.

But Brendel was not particularly optimistic about it. While it was true that Schafflund was an area meant for newbies, underground cities made by the Rune Dwarves were exceptions. It was also a question if the treasures were still intact.

“Did they search extensively?”

“No. They only dug through several areas, and they found it in a place which they believed it was a tomb. The architecture is old enough that they were certain it doesn’t belong to our era.”

[Perhaps a sealed city? That will be interesting, and searching it for the first time should yield quite a good result. Come to think of it, didn’t my first Card of Fates come from a tomb as well? Should I consider switching to a profession like Tomb Raider or something?]

The conversation between them only took a few seconds, but there was silence in the courtyard as everyone waited for the youth to speak up. Brendel blinked a few times as he looked around before he asked aloud:

“We should make a trip. How do you travel to this area?”

“Naturally by horse carriage, my Lord.” Ciel gave a small smile.

The youth nodded and his eyes went over to Carglise and spoke with a sharp tone:

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