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Devard who walked out from behind Marquis Yoakam was tall, displaying his heritage from the Arreck people. But what was odd were his fingers. They were at least one quarter longer than normal people. There’s a saying where people born with unusual characteristics would be someone special, and he truly fit that description: becoming one of Arreck’s three Sword Grandmasters, and was the protege of the famous Swordmaster Olaf, and then surpassing his own teacher after developing his own Striking Eagle Sword Style and becoming a master himself.

He wielded a thin longsword that specializes in stabbing. It attacks like a poisonous snake, integrating well with his own sword art.

“Just what is he doing here with Yoakam? What is he planning?” Brendel sighed, raising his own sword as well. He could feel Magadal tugging him from his back, “Sir, this person is an Elemental Awakener. I’m afraid you’re not his opponent.”

Brendel had already known of the girl’s identity since long, but upon hearing her say that, he could not help but be curious. He had heard that she was an easygoing and kind soul, and used her influence in the Holy Cathedral to take in a large number of war refugees. However, in the end, she died a harsh death. I think she was poisoned by her husband,Brendel thought.

Brendel sighed in his heart, and smiled at her, “How do you know I’m not his opponent then?”

The princess was widened her eyes. What the hell? I’m worrying for you an yet you saying stuff like that. Don’t be so arrogant!

Devard was swinging his sword, apparently impatient, “Are you done preparing?”

“Hold up,” The Nun Princess interrupted. She turned her gaze onto Yoakam who was still clutching the bleeding side of his face. “Marquis Yoakam, you’re sending out an aide to represent you in this duel, but this other gentleman here is fighting for himself. So according to the rules set by the nobles, you have to stake more against him!”

Yoakam gritted his teeth, and asked a servant to carefully take off one of the rings on his fingers. He nodded, demanding the servant to present the ring, “Alright, this is my side of the bet. Can we begin the battle now?” He spoke in a faint tone as he glared daggers at Brendel and Magadal.

There’s such a rule?... But who cares? I’m not gonna let this chance go anyway. And that ring with a coiled snake on it… Having such good stuff, there’s no doubt he’s from the Royal Family. Brendel thought.

“Only one ring? Aren’t you a little cheapskate?” Brendel just acted like he knew nothing and laughingly jeered at him.

Magadal coughed and felt her face burn. The ring was crafted by the dwarf Runemaster Penold who’s known for crafting priceless treasures. There may not be many good rumors about him, but being generous was one of them. There was not any rumors of him being stingy, and from the looks of it, it sure is true.

He was furious to be laughed by Brendel, and scoffed, “This is a Magic ring, and it

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