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Chapter 229 – Wind Sharpshooter (2)

It was not hard for a grandmaster blacksmith who worked in the forge for decades to alter the cavalry’s armor to an archer’s.

An archer required his abdomen, upper shoulder and back to be free of obstacles, or it would affect the accuracy of releasing a bow.

Bosley removed a portion of the armor and changed it with metal plates, coming up with a sample on the very next day.

Quinn wore the prototype armor and stretched his upper body and showed a satisfied expression. The Tree Elves’ bodies were long and athletic, but Bosley’s armor was quite fitting. The only demerit about it was that the armor was slightly too small for Quinn. It resembled the Romans’ half armor in Brendel’s eyes.

“It’s a little heavy.” The Tree Elf remarked.

“It’s not possible to reduce the weight.” Grandmaster Bosley replied in a flat tone.

It was originally heavy armor meant for a cavalry. No matter how much he shifted the balance, some of the weight would still be on the shoulders. He was uncertain if the Elves found it too cumbersome and affected their accuracy, and he looked back at the youth behind it, trying to discern what the latter was thinking.

Brendel was rubbing his chin with his middle finger and thumb, looking satisfactorily at the artistic-like armor. The old man used gold paint over the layered armor, and the rivets reflected light as Quinn moved about, making the armor look dazzling.

“It’s easy. Just attach a rune to reduce to the weight. How many samples can you make, Grandmaster Bosley?”

There were different types of runes that reduced weight. Freya’s magic armor utilized the ‘Wind Dance’ rune, which was one of the best runes available. The wearer would not be affected by the weight and even feel like a wind was enveloping around the armor, adding agility to them.

“Numbers are not a problem, but why do you need so many?”

“Uhh…… You will know it very soon.”

It was after this event that Bosley felt that he perhaps did not want to ever learn the answer.

Brendel took back the armor from Quinn, and this artistic piece of work started to heat up in his hands. Everyone witnessed the reaction of magic, and the armor eventually turned into a torchlight that illuminated the area. Cracking noises could be heard as a giant hole formed into the armor’s center.

It looked like a candle melting. The liquid eventually turned into solid once again, leaving behind a circle the size of a fist on the armor’s torso.

Brendel shrugged.

No matter how one looked at it, this armor was destroyed.

Alchemy was a job that had a high probability of failure. It was especially so when Brendel had to test out an effective method of applying Wind Runes on dense metal. He was purely learning on how to apply it for the very first time.

The green flames in the forge over the next few days were not extinguished, and the beating and clanking of hammers striking metal did not cease every

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