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The sun painted the sea a golden sheen. What was once the battlefield had turned calm. As the last Naga submerged into the waters, there were only waves of light that remained on the ocean surface. Everything that just happened felt like an illusion. If it was not for the people on board reminding one another about them, everyone might have believed that it was just a nightmare.

However, the Nagas did not submerge back into the water to retreat.

“Look!” A sailor exclaimed.

Brendel looked over the deck. Beneath the far and blue ocean, a black shadow appeared out of a sudden. The silhouette, being way larger than that of the Faraway, made it look like a leaf in the vast ocean. The “thing” moved passed the ship at a speed so fast, it made the ship shudder terrifyingly. The masts were vibrating vigorously, the bolts struggling to keep themselves in place. Even the most valorous men were gritting their teeth at the thought of the planks springing apart.

Brendel’s eyes were moving from one side of the ship to the other. He bit his lip. The dark shadow indicated an unsettling premonition:

A creature having such a large body mass could only be those terror-inducing sea monsters from the legends!

The large mass moved further away and began to come afloat. Seawater fell on both sides of it back. And then a sharp spike broke the surface of the water, forming a trail of white waves.

“Omygawd!!!” [T/L: Oh My God!!!]

“What is that thing?!” The sailors panicked. Anyone who saw a mountain rise from the water would definitely be scared shitless, and they all know, it was not any ‘mountain’. James clenched his grip on the sword. A terrible thought hovered across his mind that made his face several shades paler.

“It’s the Demon Whale! A fully matured one!” Brendel answered swiftly.

“Did you get it wrong?” James sucked in a breath of cold air.

“I do hope I’m wrong.”

“Dear Marsha!” The supposedly fearless captain muttered under his breath.

He was not a coward, but he needed much more than courage to even mention the Demon Whale, which was, in the stories passed down through the generation of sailors, the most infamous legend and the most terrifying creature across the Seven Seas.

Even in the Library of White Port, there were only several ancient manuscripts that recorded the sightings of the beast. In the stories passed down, it was said that only the most fortunate -or the most unfortunate- would have the grace of seeing the Whale’s true form. And to survive even that, it can only be said that he was blessed by the Goddess of Luck.

The Kirrlutz depicts the Demon Whale to be the descendant of the Sea Dragon Leviathan. They were born to be the conquerors of the sea. They could manipulate the sea storms, but were a sign of bountiful harvest in the seas as well. Along the ports of the cities, they were crafted to be jewelry in hopes of bringing in a calm sea along with a good harvest.

But it was truly unf

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