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The unpleasant tone used by the guy in the room made the knight tense up, and he looked back to ask Brendel for help.

“Tell him it was the fault of the people managing the stables. They had personally swapped out the black beans for the common grass as feed.” Brendel calmly stated. He knew that the Beinold horses were very expensive, and that their feed would have been high grade as well. The hay was supposed to be mixed with beans from the Suren Plains. Feeding them anything besides that would have caused some major problems.

The knight replied as suggested, his hurrying and panicked tone convinced the person behind the door. He did not suspect anything to be wrong. After all, this is Ampere Seale. What could go wrong? He answered, “So bothersome. Wait for me to come out.”

There were sounds of a shirt rustling from behind the door, and after a while, the door opened. He was about to reprimand his underling for not doing his job well and push the blame onto him when Brendel, Andrea, and Morpheus rushed into the room.

Enemies!It was only then that the captain realized. He had made a name for himself in the Hoarfrost Manor since a long time ago, and became a captain at a young age. With his vast amount of experience, he had gotten used to carrying a sword around him. By the time Brendel and the others rushed in, he had already pulled out his sword.

Lonin’s reaction speed was so fast that even Brendel was shocked. It was so fast that it would have been able to take care of other enemies… But Brendel and the others were not the normal people you would meet every day.

On Brendel’s side, they had three people at or above the Gold rank against one Lonin, who was also a Gold ranker. In a one versus one against Andrea or Morpheus, they would have won due to their racial advantage. Brendel on the other hand was on a whole new league by himself; even facing an Elemental Awakener, he would be able to put up a good fight.

Devard was an example of that.

When Brendel acted, Lonin was taken aback.This young boy’s swordsmanship is a whole level above me. I have to call for help from the others-

“World of Silence.”

From the outside, Ciel cast a spell on the room, building a barrier of about 20 feet. Inside the World of Silence, every noise was muted to the outside world. The noise from the sword clashes between Brendel and Lonin was canceled. It was a truly mystifying scene, but Lonin had other pressuring matters at hand. When the barrier had been set, all three of them upped their game, forcing Lonin to surrender unconditionally.

Lonin did not want to do that, but he did not have a choice either or else he would have lost his hand, or even worse, his life. So, he threw away the sword and raised both his hands up in surrender.

Brendel stopped attacking and pointed, with his sword, at Lonin’s heart.This man seems to uphold the values of nobility. He did not throw away his sword immediately, but only after seeing tha

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