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It Wasn't On Purpose, Archbishop

“That doesn’t concern you,” Brendel replied frankly and lowered his sword.

His aura changed, and his strength as the peak of the Golden rank turned everyone expressionless. Magadal and Yoakam had seen Scarlet’s abilities at the peak of the same rank just now, and they did not expect to see a young boy displaying the same power before them right now.

Just who is this guy? No wonder Archbishop Wood was so courteous towards him.

Yoakam began to feel uneasy. It was normal for a noble to have an aide at the Gold rank, but for the heir of the family himself to be that powerful as well? That has to be watched out for.

He gestured to Devard, warning him not to kill the boy. They must be quite powerful to be able to nurture a boy to that level. The evil in his eyes waned, but his expression remained unfazed. It seemed like he wanted to give Brendel an unforgettable punishment.

A Gold Ranker against an Elemental Power Awakener.

Actually, Brendel just stepped into late Gold rank after leveling up to level fifteen in the Holy Knight role. And he did not hesitate to strike his next move.

But it was not the Military Swordsmanship. He Dashed in front of Devard with speed so terrifying that Devard could feel his scalp fall off. He immediately recognized the attack to be the special skill of the Sun Knights, and, by a breath, he defended with his swords.

It is fast. But to pierce the Silver Wall, which was attributeless, you’re still lacking. Devard comforted himself.

Brendel’s thrust was pointed towards the defense line formed from the two swords, and with one step forward he used the Nine Luminaries Sword Art, forming an illusion.

He swiped down on the mirror-like shield, ringing out a painful screech as the two metals clash. To conceal his identity, Brendel was not using his Halran Gaia but rather just a normal blade. However, upon activating his Passive Elemental Power, Stable, his sword became near-indestructible. If it was not, it would have probably shattered to pieces when it hit the shield.

That was expected. A Gold ranker’s strength will never bypass my Silver Wall, smirked Devard as he lunged at Brendel.

But he did not expect that, even before Brendel could retract his sword, another blade was coming at him once more. It was as if Brendel’s afterimage was appearing at two spots at a time. In disbelief, another attack landed on Devard’s Silver Wall.

The Wall may be floating inches away from Devard, but the strikes could still be felt by the Elemental Power user. The two attacks that landed could be felt by Devard, especially the second attack that surprised him, knocking him away.

But that was not the end of it. Brendel Dashed to the eight corners of the hall, and each time he did so, he left a mirage formed from Nine Luminaries Sword Art. All of them charged at Devard, focusing on him from nine different directions. Devard may be a Swordmasterm but he had nev

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