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Chapter 230 – The city of trees (1)

If one were to look Trentheim from above, they would discover that each end of the region was high and the middle section low. The south-west area was a plot of barren land with the city Firburh built in that location.

Peering from this city would have access to the shape of numerous mountains starting from the west. River Gris was in the intersection of these mountains towards Graham’s mountain range, and it was the best hunting spot during the autumn season. This place was also where the forest trees were most dense.

To the north of the river was the Macsen region, and traveling further would lead to the Palas region.

The east of the river was the Schafflund mines which overlooked a particularly important passage towards Firburh, and it was the best position in Brendel’s thoughts to build a fortress.

Even though the land was uneven, it was not a problem for the dwarves. It was because of the lack of funds that this project only started recently. An army was now camping in that area to build a few palisades on the path between Firburh and the Schafflund mines.

In the middle of a particular mountain near this area, the originally dense foliage and trees were removed and replaced with boulders collected from the surroundings, forming a Magic Formation on the uneven, dull-colored ground.

Repeating circles formed the base pattern of this Magic Formation, written with many mysterious Runic words, and even if the most famous royal scholars in Aouine were to come here and study them, they might not be able to recognize them. Brendel believed the words were much earlier than the era of the Dragon of Darkness, and it probably dated all the way back to the Twilight War.

Divine energy ran across the Magic Formation, almost as if the forest was whispering; a type of Nature Mana permeated the forest. Vines flushed with a deep verdant green was growing at a perceptible speed over the boulders’ cracks. Even though the Magic Formation was only up for a week, it was as if the surrounding area had been untouched for several centuries and overgrown with vines, seemingly gathering the entire forest’s mana into this spot.

The completed Magic Formation for Valhalla.

In the center of the Magic Formation was an indentation, coinciding with the size of the Magic Core in Brendel’s possessions.

“This Magic Formation doesn’t have any external source of Mana. Instead, it gathers and absorbs the surrounding natural Ether and converts it to Mana. Even us Silver Elves are not capable of invoking such a powerful Law. My Lord, you’re truly a genius. I can’t believe how dense the natural Ether is.” Medissa praised as she studied the Magic Formation.

“It’s not as if I created it,” Brendel answered with slight embarrassment.

“Even though that’s the case, you were the one who deciphered the information on the crystal in Valhalla. Even the Elder Druids did not manage to read them. But you coinci

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