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As Brendel and Ciel got closer to the stone coffin, a slight chill emanated from it. The cold reminded Brendel of his experience in Alkash Mountain Ranges. It was a cold unlike any other, with a blade-like aura that sent a chill down anyone’s spine and goosebumps up their skin.

“What is this?” Brendel said in shock as he quickly perceived an evil entity entering his mind.

“Mortal! Submit to me!”

A majestic voice boomed, crushing his heart down with the might like that of the thunderous skies.Not good! It’s mind control!Brendel’s heart ringed in panic. Debilitating Type Spells like this was a high-level Soul Magic, using the effect of wiping off the enemies’ soul to enslave a being that had self-consciousness. It severely opposed Nature’s way, and was then banned from usage and research by the Wizard’s Article 700 years ago. Even now, only a few Demonic Cultists and extreme Necromancers would experiment in secret. And never did Brendel expect that, within the coffin, there would lie someone so dangerous.

Even if it was 1000 years ago, the deceased Demonic Cultists and Necromancers would not even dare build a tomb for themselves. After all, they would rather spend their time to obtain immortality instead! Thus, their gruesome experiments have led most of them in the past century to have an undying death.

After all, they were not the type to believe in reincarnation.

“Despair! Tremble! Weep for your sins and accept heavenly punishment!” The rumbling noise continued.

Brendel had calmed down. The suppression on his mind had taken the form of a giant. He raised his head to see the giant standing on a boundless plain the colour of obsidian. As the giant pressed down on him, the skies turned as the palm obscured everything within his sight.


Brendel roared. Despite knowing that it was merely an illusion, he could not help but have cold sweat. It felt so real that he could not even catch his own breath.

In theory, Debilitating Spells targeted the mind. As long as his will was strong enough, the castor could not do anything against him. He had such experiences in the game, albeit without any successes. Warriors’ did not have a strong will, so nearly every time they faced such situations, they would immediately blackout and succumb to the mind control only to wake up on the Revival Altar.

These sort of useless information did no help as in this world, there was no such thing as revival.

Brendel braced himself for the heavenly punch, hoping in his heart that he could overcome the calamity peacefully.

Am I going to die now?

Just as he thought about that, the humongous palm began to press down on his head, about to inflict damage to his soul and mind.

As he had no countermeasures for such a situation, add on to that the weak tolerance of Warriors against Debilitating Spells, never did he expect to find the palm not touching even a single hair on his head. It was as if the palm hit an invisib

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