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Once Ina’s summons appeared, the Pendulum Golem immediately stopped talking and commenced his offense.

It raised its bronze staff, and a curtain of darkness materialized behind him. Tendrils of shadows drifted within the darkness, emitting an aura of decadence. As it raised its chain-covered ar, a bolt of darkness shot towards Brendel.

“Careful,” Ina gave a quick warning. “That is his ‘Decay’ ability. It will cause us to lose our Cards quickly. The spell he cast is Assassinate. Can you deal with that spell?”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Brendel had already cast the Mana Loss spell. He obtained that spell, at the same time he saw the Cards’s information.

– Assassinate (Paradise of Adversity XIII)

– Consumes 5 Dark EP

– Spell – Instant

– Targets one of the opponent’s Creatures or Artifact, and forcefully discards it. Assassinate deals damage equivalent to the spell’s cost.

This Cards is only useful against Planeswalkers.Brendel thought to himself. Brendel decided to cast the spell at the cog above the Pendulum Golem’s head, however, a shimmering barrier appeared around the cog, wasting Brendel’s counterattack. That was Anrolda’s Divine Ring. The cog must be very important if the Pendulum Golem was willing to use up a Cards to protect it. It stared at Brendel for a moment. It did not think that Brendel had such a Cards up his sleeve, so it dared not use any more similar spells.

At the same time, Ina expelled a ray of golden light at the curtain of darkness and destroyed it.

The two of them had the advantage in numbers as well as spellcasting.

However, the Pendulum Golem did not seem to worry at all, instead, it pointed at Ina and Brendel, commanding his Death Sentinels to attack. It was obvious that Ina and the Pendulum Golem were old enemies as neither were surprised at the other’s actions. Ina brandished her spear, and her Glorious Sentinels engaged with the enemy forces.

The black Death Sentinels wore the barest of armors, wielding swords that had hooks on it. One could obviously tell that they were tactical soldiers who were offense-oriented. The Glorious Sentinels were the exact opposite as they wore sets of white heavy armor while holding longshields in one hand and halberds in the other, marking them as battle-savvy soldiers who focused on defense.

The two forces of opposing colors clashed against each other, one defending while the other attacked, it was nearly impossible to judge who had the upper hand. Even though there were less Glorious Sentinels, the Grimoire played the role of a healer, constantly summoning halos of light over allies, allowing the Glorious Sentinels to push back the Death Sentinels through pure endurance. As they advanced slowly, the number of Cards in the Pendulum Golem’s Graveyard started to accumulate.

The Pendulum Golem did not seem alarmed at all. It pointed its finger, and another spell was cast at the oncoming Glorious Sentinels.

The spe

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