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Final Moments Underground and The Departure(2)

"It's not that I DON’T wish to, but it's because I CAN’t leave this place." Ina smiled as she tossed something to Brendel, "And here, this is my farewell gift to you."

It was a deck of Cards.

Brendel held onto the deck, confusion stirring in his heart, "Honestly… I don’t really get what you meant." From his tone, it was evident that he wanted Ina to follow him. It was pitiful that she never got to see the Sun for thousands of years. Plus with her capabilities, she would definitely be a great help to him. Albeit she proclaimed herself to be slightly weaker than the Pendulum Golem, she was no doubt the strongest existence Brendel had seen since his reincarnation, and was definitely not weaker than Andesha.

Brendel was ninety percent confident that he could recruit her to his team, but Ina just smiled and turned around. Her hair flew against the air, revealing her bare back. Between her smooth shoulder blades, there was a frightening red gash. It did not seem to some sort of external injury, but rather coming from something deep within her, as if it grew from within her body.

The crystals split apart her skin, and it resembled the crystals that grew out of the Pendulum Golem and the Crystal Wight.

"What’s going on?" Brendel asked with a stunned grimace.

"Didn’t you see the corrupted rock earlier? The quartz in this place is corrosive. Staying in this place for too long will lead to the crystallization of tissues." Ina let down her hair, her smile still plastered on her face, “I personally witnessed the young man catch the same illness. His entire organs began to crystallize and continued to weaken till his death. Even then, the crystallization did not stop, and he ended up to become the monster you saw earlier.”

Brendel Fell silent once more. This disease was similar to the symptoms of the crystallized monsters in the Dark Forest, just not as serious looking as it did. This process was caused by the infection of magic into the body, growing a layer of crystals over it like a shell. It was similar to a parasite, and would not even let the host go even if he died.

Brendel suddenly thought of the parasitic wasps that existed back in his old world. He shuddered and tried to cast the idea aside.

"Is there no cure?" He asked upon pondering for a moment.

Ina just smiled. Her silence seemed to be self-explanatory.

“There’s still some time left, let me explain about the deck I just gave you,” Ina's avoided the topic. “There’s a total of thirty-two cards here. One copy of the Furnace of Adversity, Martyr of Radiance, Accelerated Thoughts, Sacred Ring of Anrolda, Grimoire of Life, and Desperate Trojan horse. Four copies of Glorious Trumpeteers, Pride, Tempest, Nightmare Forges, Breaking Dawn and six copies of Death Sentinels.

As you might have noticed, this isn’t the complete version of the Paradise of Adversity. The complete version is inaccessible. They are s

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