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Unyielding Integrity and The Golden Flag

As the Pendulum Golem made its last stand, Ina was shaking from the boiling rage within her. Her hazel colored eyes seemed to be emanating rage, “You pendulum idiot! There was no need to remove your defenses! You bastard! Don’t you want to live anymore?!”

The Pendulum Golem’s body was creaking, yet he stood tall to speak to his companion, "My dear comrade, all this that is going on is a battle between the Planeswalkers. It had always been since the beginning of the century. And we can do nothing but to obey it. Master had pursued such a world her entire life, existences like her, who can simply utilize the Laws of the world. As such, we have nothing but revere against the entire system.”

The Pendulum Golem shook its head, "I may be powerful to most, but on the battlefield, we were no different.”

"You paranoid bastard!" Ina stomped the ground, pointed her finger at the Pendulum Golem and shrieked, "Pendulum Beast! you will regret this! I'll defeat you this time and then I'll step on your fictional vain on the ground, you stupid fool! Apprentice planeswalker, let us defeat that rin brain!"

Brendel glanced back at Ina. He more or less knew the reason she was so pissed.

The Pendulum Golem, nearing its final moments, stood with pride at its location. The two had been fighting one another for a thousand years, but instead of saying the two as archenemies, they were friends with varying ideals. However, it was beyond Ina’s imagination that it would be willing to give up its life.

Her heart was cold, some sort of indescribable rage boiling within her. She looked back and met Brendel’s sorry gaze, “Planeswalker?”

He was looking at the sky, or demise to be exact. The shadow behind the door was a myth, a creature that left its mark in The Amber Sword, The Destroyer of the Plains. An unbeatable god that was born since the start of civilization.

Just the mere presence of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn made the air so suffocating it was hard for Brendel to breathe.

"We can't defeat this thing." he understood that his chances were zero in defeating that thing.

"I still have another Coliseum of Fate. It's a Colorless Divine Card. It will certainly work on Emrakul. Can you defeat the Pendulum within thirty-no, twenty seconds?”

"You mean those...?" Brendel's eyes turned to the remaining underlings of the Pendulum Golem. Three Devils, a few Death Sentinels, and the remaining were Nightmare Forges. Even the Devils posed a problem to him, no to mention the other troops.

It was best to run away in this situation. But looking at ina’s brightened gaze, Brendel found himself choking on his own words, "I don’t know. This will be difficult and I have no confidence in winning." The truth remained stuck in his throat.

"That’s good enough a promise. I’ll leave it to you I guess. It doesn’t matter if we lose or win, but I hope you’ll give it your all. Count it as me owing you one this t

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