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Chapter 231 – The city of trees (2)

The World Tree’s wide tree crown extended in all directions, seemingly unmoving against the wind, while its dense leaves made one think that it was over a hundred years old. Sunlight pierced through the gaps between the branches and leaves like golden swords. The solitary tree was grown in an empty clearing surrounded by the forest’s trees, and it gave a feeling of tranquility.

Brendel gazed at the leaves and found green Runic patterns on each leaf, as though they were veins spread throughout the tree crown.

An ancient tree was quietly sitting in the center of a mystical Magic Formation.

Romaine’s eyes were crossed with her jaws slack. It was as though she was uttering a silent ‘whoa~~~’. Scarlett opened her eyes so large that her round irises could be seen clearly, but she less affected when compared to Romaine. There was indeed surprise in her eyes, but she did not show any other emotions beyond it. After all, the things that she had encountered after following Brendel in the Dark Forest were always unusual

Medissa completely kept her composure as a citizen of the Silver Lineage, though her eyes glinted once.

The only person who maintained a true poker face was the older Wild Elf sister, Felaern. Rather than say that it was her personality, she was someone who had been part of the Planewalker’s system and Laws for a far longer time compared to Medissa who only recently became a ‘Knight’. Compared to a World Tree growing in front of her eyes, perhaps having ‘immortality’ was something more incredulous.

“B-Brendel, that thing that you threw down to the hole was a seed!?” Romaine was the first to speak out.

She was showing exuberant curiosity instead of having confusion on her face, perhaps feeling that Brendel had once again done something remarkable.

“How did this tree pop out, it grew so quickly! Am I dreaming, Brendel, pinch me now!” She hit Brendel’s arm.

The youth came back to his senses and stared at her with narrowed eyes for a few seconds. Her thoughts were not something a normal person could understand. Despite encountering Madara’s undead for a few times in Bucce, she seemed to be fearless and asked whether the undead was interested in eating them. Expressing her curiosity was added with ‘wow, this is amazing, Brendel!’.

“My Lord,” Medissa asked with a certain hint of intelligence glinting in her eyes, not directly making a conclusion, “this is the World Tree in the Loop of Trade Winds?”

“No, rather than say it’s that World Tree……” Brendel looked up at the tree that could be described as ‘huge’ and shook his head.

[Indeed, it resembles that World Tree in Valhalla, having branches that intersect with each other and a similarly large tree crown, and I can say that it’s a mini version. But the shape of this…… fortress. It looks like there’s a large platform formed with branches and covered by the leaves above it, complete with a courtyard surrounded w

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