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The deepest part of the catacomb.

It was typical for an Elite Boss to be situated in such a place. Brendel went to the reported room and instinctively sensed something wrong with it.

The area was very small and its shape was a square, with the distance between each wall ending at ten-odd steps. An immense stone coffin sat in the center of the room, raised on a platform that was also made out of stone. The room’s architecture design was the same as the coffins in the burial chamber, but there was an oppressing feeling in this room that made one feel stifled.

Under the flickering orbs of light cast by the apprentices, the mercenaries that accompanied the latter felt like there was a source of evil in the air which made the place freezing cold. A few mercenaries lit up torches only to find that the flames were being suppressed, and they realized that both magical light and physical flames were affected.

[This is a good example of the aura released by an Elite Boss, but it’s much stronger than I expected, it’s definitely not a level 30+ boss.]

Brendel surveyed his surroundings, but he did not detect any signs of the Boss. The only place where the Boss could possibly be was in the coffin. He pulled out Halran Gaia, stood in front of his men, and gestured with a flicker of his hand to get them to stay in position.

“Where are the cards?” He turned to the apprentice who had reported to him earlier and asked.

“Right inside the coffin, My Lord.”

Brendel went closer and peered into the coffin that had its cover slightly ajar, barely able to catch a glimpse of the remains because of the coffin’s height. He immediately discovered the difference between the corpses and bones within the burial chamber— Most of these buried skeletons were probably slaves that wore inexpensive clothes that mostly disintegrated with the passage of time.

But the mostly obscured figure in this grand coffin still wore a perfect robe and his hand was holding on to a Black Ironwood staff. A single glance told Brendel that it used to be a wizard; Black Ironwood was an expensive material that was rarely used to make a simple staff.

There were five glowing Cards of Fates scattered next to it. It was not strange for wizards to hold onto such cards as they carried some mystical properties and intrigued them. Many would collect such odd items and even got killed because they collected cursed statues or weapons.

[I can’t use White Raven Sword Arte anymore since I removed the ability from my professions. Should I try getting the cards with an Elementalist Spell? Hmm, no, I should conserve my EP in case I have to do battle—]

“Can one of you use a wind spell or Magical Grasp to pick up the cards?” Brendel asked.

The more he stared at the figure, the more he felt that the room was dangerous. Elite Bosses had many different types, and the most challenging ones had complicated skillsets with traps accompanying it. While there were only Tomb Ghou

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