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“He truly is a hero!” Fleetwood did not hide his thoughts.

“Mr. Brendel-”

“Just call me Brendel.” Brendel interrupted.

“Brendel, I’d like to hear your opinion on the current situation, if you would?” Princess Gryphine picked up the porcelain teacup from her desk. She raised her head, her wide bright eyes a gleaming silver.

Brendel’s eyes swept through the entire room. The members of the Royal Faction were composed. The princess, while she seemed naive at times, actually had a very sharp mind. Only the little prince showed an ounce of fear, peeking at Brendel from behind his sister. However, there was one person whose piercing gaze made him feel uncomfortable.Maynild stood behind Gryphine, her intimidating presence causing Brendel to shift his line of sight away from her.

“To be honest, things aren’t looking good for the Royal Faction right now,” replied Brendel. “The north had long since belonged to Duke Seifer, the empire’s two greatest armies, the White Lion Squad and the Black Blade Squad, are controlled by the noble families of the north. The southern troops have yet to recover from Madara’s attacks, which is probably why Count Radner still hasn’t signed the treaty with Yinstar Dragon.”

Brendel paused. He wanted to say that the south still had Duke Viero, Duke Karsuk, and Duke Grinoires. However, amongst the true powers in the north and the south, the only one who still raised Covardo’s flag was the princess and her followers. Once the winter has ended, the ice would melt and the army in the north would march south, destroying the princess’s hopes.

But that was precisely why the empire had decided to ally themselves with the Arreck region, so he relented.

“The situation is dire as the kingdom is surrounded by enemies, and this meeting isn’t going anywhere. The true reason everyone is here at the conference is to convince the MerchantGuild of Ampere Seale and the Holy Cathedral to remain neutral, isn’t it?

The silence was deafening. Everyone looked at Brendel incredulously. Everyone, even the commoners, knew about the Royal Faction’s weakness. However, to be able to discern their true goals just by assessing the current situation, Brendel was truly an anomaly. The average citizen would think that the Royal Faction was trying to win the Ampere Seale conference by borrowing Arreck’s power, but somehow this youngster in front of them was able to recognize their intentions without a shred of doubt in his words.

Makarov’s and Fleetwood’s blood ran cold, thinking that this youngster would make a dangerous enemy. On the other hand, Oberwei looked at him with admiration. Brendel was picked out by Oberwei when they were escaping the castle, the more outstanding he was, the more it proved that Oberwei’s judgment was correct.

Gryphine too had nothing but praise in her heart. She really wanted to get closer to Brendel. The others did not know about the secret between them. When both of them were still exchangi

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