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“I never heard of any incidents where the Merfolk appeared alongside the Nagas. May I know the reason why?” Brendel asked as he stood by the side of the boat.

“That’s unrelated to you, Human!” Before Sani could speak up, the woman next to him coldly glared at him. She had a pair of slim arms, her body slim and looked really similar to a human girl. It was clear that she was not a Naga, but an authentic Merfolk.

Looks like she’s pissed off now.

The Merfolk were originally peaceful creatures, and never participated in any cases or robbery. If it was not for them facing a dire situation, they would definitely not break that code and appear here. It made her angry at the fact that the human used a straight face to ask that question.That guy is really dumb! I just hope there won’t be any rumors suggesting that we’re pirates now as well.

“Seems like you all are facing some troubles,” Brendel said with him keen perception.

“What are you suggesting?” Sani said with his brows arched.

“I was just wondering if I could help with anything.” Brendel curiously asked.

Sani hesitated for a moment, and was a little shocked. But as he did, Brendel realized that just how much trouble they were in to think so deeply about this matter. Normally, they would just decline straight off the bat. Brendel racked his brain to find a big event that happened in the Shining Sea back in the game, and could faintly recall the “West Ocean Battle”. But that happened way before the War of the Black Roses and the Battle only had a few forum discussions even till the end of the first volume.

This was a fight that happened on the borders of Aouine, beyond the involvement of the players and their battles.

Brendel thought for a moment and asked before the other got a chance to say anything, “How about this? We’re merchants. Our ship is mostly filled with cargo. If there’s something you all need, we can discuss business. I promise you that it won’t hurt your reputation.”

Even James could see that he was trying to curry the favor of the Grey Fins’ commander. However, he had another question in mind. The Grey Fins were an infamous troupe of pirates. It was unclear whether or not they could be trusted and, besides that, they were not even the strongest group in the Shining Sea.

“You’re right,” the mermaid spoke up. Her voice was melodious, like she was singing. However, the words were also laced with poison, “Didn’t you say we’re pirates? So what if we wanted everything on your ship, would you agree?”

She glared at Brendel as she completed her sentence.If he doesn’t comply, I will have to mock him till he does. But if he did… Seems like I may have to come up and meet him myself. But merchants are greedy, and they will probably come up with an excuse to decline.

However, she did not expect Brendel’s reply, “It’s not like that is impossible. We can come down to an agreement. I’m sure of it.”

The mermaid’s eyes widened, “Human! Aren’t you

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