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Chapter 776 v4c147

The Spiral Hall

The voice let out a sigh, “Little Korfa, I thought you have strayed far away from the war, but it seems like things don’t go as you wish.”

“It’s not up to me, Lord Milondal.”

The blue illusion nodded his head and stopped talking to Korfa, but instead, turned to Arreck and the others, “I know why you’re here, but you might not know the truth behind what you’re doing. You’re all Black Dwarfs, based on my agreement with the crystal, I will not make things difficult for you. The Awakening God is under this throne, and you can determine this world’s future yourselves.”

After he said this, he looked at Korfa once more and gradually vanished, leaving Arreck and his men in the hall.

“So the agreement was true.” Arreck said in a low voice, “The Crystal Dragon signed an agreement with the gods, that the next generation of Black Dwarfs could determine their own destiny. The gods would stray from Vaunte and would no longer interfere with everything in the land. The Azure Knight shattering the Heavens, was just an opportunity for this history to begin, and I’m curious about what happened before and after the Battle of Ebabel. ”

He looked at Korfa, but this time the eldest daughter of Hati had her lips pressed together tightly and did not answer.

That must be a big secret.

Arreck thought to himself. But this secret was destined to be buried under the dust, because once Milos awakened, that dark soul would take advantage of the situation, and Milos, the God of Giants, would no longer be the guardian of Order, but a true dark giant. In its power, Aouine would usher in a true Twilight. At that time, the so-called secrets would be worthless, because the dead do not need secrets.

He looked to the others, “Do it, open the portal to the Sulfur River near the throne.”

The members of All For One all had a gleam of excitement in their eyes as they walked along the long spiral bridge toward the central platform. Arreck watched the scene quietly, then turned back to Korfa and said, “Once that soul has obtained the body of Milos, according to the agreement, you will be free, which is also the agreement between you and Lord Hati, and we have no intention to offend.”

Korfa nodded and didn’t seem to care about these small offenses.

She looked in a certain direction in the hall and replied softly, “It seems that a guest of yours has arrived, human.”

Arreck was slightly stunned, then looked up in that direction, and within a few moments, a line of people appeared.

It was Veronica and her group.

And just as Arreck spotted the other party, Veronica apparently also spotted the presence of All For One.

“Arreck!” It was Veronica’s voice, “I never thought you would stoop so low. You are the descendant of the noblemen of the sages, and now you stand in line with the enemies of civilization. Your actions have brought shame to your forefathers, and from this moment on the high ground

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