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v4c67 The Hunter Siblings(3)

“…… The legends of the Green Folk of the forest have a long history, and the mountain folk of Manoweirl and the Lantonilan region refer to them as the Treetop People. Some say they are descended from the Miirnas, and after the War of the Holy Saints, a portion of the Miirnas did travel the route we pass through today to avoid the middle of the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth. They went over the Falling Needle Hills Avenue, out to sea from the area of today’s Silver Pine Coast, and headed north, never to be seen again.”

“No one knows where they ended up, but some say that the Miirnas of the forest split in two back then and that the leader of the group who led them was unwilling to give up his worldly power and coaxed a group of them to stay. These descendants came with predictable results, and the horses that remained became the Green Folk that followed. But they had assimilated into the forest – cheeks like the grain of the wood, dull eyes sunk deep in, and bodies covered in roots. And they always wandered the forest, regretting the decisions they had made day after day. ”

“The dark magic turns this regret into resentment, and they are like heartless ghosts lost in this forest, killing all the creatures they meet. Most of these Mirrnas who remain are noble among the Mirrnas, and they are adept at using language to confuse people, especially when that language contains the magic of the forest. Many who have seen them go on to never return.”

The young prince was the only one who huddled in a corner, shivering from what he had heard. He intended on going away and not listening, but he could not resist his curiosity.

“Where are the Miirnas who left?” Medissa was a little curious. She put a dead branch into the campfire, the brightening up of the fire reflected the redness of her face.

Brendel picked up the roasted fish from the campfire and tossed it over to the side of Haruz, and the young prince froze, unconsciously reaching out to catch it and throwing it away with an ‘ouch’. Then he reacted and hurriedly grabbed the wooden stick to pick it up, but was somewhat at a loss for words as he stared at the mud and snow dust that was smeared all over the grilled fish.

Brendel sighed and shook his head. He handed the other grilled fish to Maynild beside him, who reached out to take the grilled fish from the young prince’s hand before replacing it with the one she received.

“Thank you ……” Haruz muttered quietly, with his face blushing like an apple.

“To take on responsibility, Your Highness, you must first learn to overcome your fears.” Maynild reminded him, “The world is full of legends, but Your Highness you are long past the age of believing in bedtime stories.”

“I am… I am not afraid.” Haruz stared at the grilled fish in his hand, a little aggrieved, “Because my sister said that Lord Marsha would shelter every one of her people ……”

This reason to comfort himself made Laurenna on

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