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Chapter 703 A Ball in the Past (2)

Brendel felt like he had seen this forest somewhere before. But it was not surprising to think that the dream of the Lost Names had merged with the fragments of his memory, and the dream itself was filled with his personal imprint.

He stayed by the river for a while and suddenly remembered. He remembered that when he was a child, there was a park near his home, and the pine trees in the park grew as tall.

Brendel’s heart was suddenly pounding.

He remembered his childhood and his parents. They had been young then and was proud of him. When he was young, he was like any little kid, confident that he could carry his parents’ expectations.

But he had let them down after all.

Brendel had thought such disappointments were because of his own failures. In order to escape, he was thus addicted to the game. But it was not until he met that swordsman of Aouine- ‘his’ grandfather – in the dream of the Magical Golden Tree that he realized that he was so wrong.

But was there any chance for him to ask for forgiveness?

Was Lord Marsha actually willing to give him this chance?

Brendel could not help but pressed his fist against his chest as he watched the glow of the forest beyond. He remembered the days when there were festivals in the park and his parents would bring him along to participate in the park activities.

He knew it was just a dream.

But standing by the river, his body seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. The evening breeze was blowing and the woods were rustling. At this time there was a sudden sound of tiny footsteps in the forest, and Brendel looked slightly over his shoulder, his heart pounding.

“There’s someone else?”

Brendel looked back and saw an unexpected person stumbling out of the forest- Prince Haruz. The young prince gasped sharply and also looked up at his teacher in amazement and bewilderment, but his eyes quickly turned red and were glimmering with tears: “Teacher Brendel…… I-I thought I would never find you again.”

Brendel was stunned.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that this little guy would wander into his dream. Although the Raider said that the dreams of the Lost Names themselves reflected only fragmentation of their memories and that the dream world was filled with the memories of others, in The Amber Sword it was based on the player’s experiences, and sometimes other players would mess with another player’s dreams!

But the thing was that it was now in modern times! Modern times! Modern times!

Brendel’s head was a mess. What do we do? It would be a disaster if the young prince saw my dream. Although his family had not lived in a prosperous urban area when he was a kid, this small county was not exactly some shady area, and how was he supposed to explain it if Haruz saw all those reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, cars and other random stuff?

How about knocking Haruz out?

He immediately shook his head, tha

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