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As if being driven forward by unseen spirits, Brendel listened to Maynild’s orders and directed the gang to set up camp on the spot. But he didn’t bother taking Ciel, Medissa, or Hipamila with him; he simply chased after Maynild into the Anserra Forest by himself. The two warhorses crossed the forest grounds in the night and passed through an even patch of ground — these were the Vielle Hills to the north of Shallow Water Town that Brendel that Brendel was familiar with – but very quickly, the trees began to thin out. A small path, cutting across the forest like a silver line, appeared in Brendel’s field of view. In actuality, that was reflection from the moonlight. The silver moon hung in the skies and its light traced the cedar trees of varying heights. The withered leaves piled up beneath the trees.

The willowy figure of the female knight remained constantly ahead of Brendel, keeping up a tempo that was neither too fast nor too slowly. She remained quiet and kept riding ahead in silence. In the end, Brendel couldn’t push away the questions in his mind. He sped up, shortened the distance between them, and asked, “What is it that you really want, Lady Maynild –”

The female knight slowed down and answered without turning back, “Didn’t I say that I knew where the Crystal Stag was?” Her voice flowed like the clear stream in the mountains.

This was not the answer that Brendel wanted. He wanted another one, “But how did you know..?”

This place was getting very close to a valley called the Holy Silver Valley in his memory. There, many Moonlight Blossoms bloomed. But more important, that was the habitat for a creature that was even more beautiful and enchanting.

There was a local Anserra legend about an enchanting Crystal Stag that lived in the forest. During each night of the full moon, it would wander between the forests and nourish itself on moonlight. Very few people have seen its figure, but every hunter who encountered it, without fail, would have good fortune in the next month.

But a legend was just a legend. In Amber Sword, the Crystal Stag was just an elemental being made from water. There were a few of them in Warndt. In Anouine, they mostly resided in the southern part of the Stained Frost Forest Labyrinth Forest, which encompassed the Anserra Forest and the Falling Needle Hills. Their food was pure magic, so when the Magic of the Moon was at its fullest, these enchanting creatures would migrate, following the flow of the magic in the forest.

They were a level 55 elemental being and had simple “healing” elements. Worth mentioning was the fact that they weren’t as peaceful as the legends made them out to be. In fact, Crystal Stags were extremely territorial and would often attack invaders. In addition, they would also work together with the Frost Demons in the forest and therefore, they were not a type of prey suitable to being captured.

But activating the elementals in regions northward of Manoweir usually i

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