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Life and death, ever cycling —

— Observations Across Centuries, Shallow Seas, Volume One

There was a wide field of wilderness in its long memory. All that it remembered of its youth was wandering and traveling. When it traveled across the borders of the ‘Shallow Seas’, the sight of the storm falling silent and the green hills in the background remained carved into its memories to this day. At the border between water and wind, the two worlds overlapped in a bizarre fashion in its view.

That was the deepest memory it had of its childhood.

But all those distant sights were gone. After long periods of traveling, traveling, and then traveling some more, it finally arrived at this world —

This was a strange new beginning. Clanspeople passed memories down from generation to generation, as if by blood, and nurtured magic. They formed the holy forest. In the distant years of darkness, the gentle magic attracted creatures from the darkness such as Frost Demons, Weeping Demons, and the Undead. In order to protect the forest, it fought a constant battle against them.

Many years seemed to pass while it constantly battled like this.

Until one day, it saw that ball of light fly to him.

“Hello, I’m Luoluo. It’s so pretty here. May I make my home here?”

“You cannot.” It answered seriously.

“Why?” The little ball of light stared wide-eyed, its blue eyes opened wide and filled with curiosity as if not allowing her to stay in the forest was a very strange thing.

“Because you’re like them and want to possess the holy magic.”

“No, no, no. I just think it’s cooler here.”


“Mmhmm. Besides, you can’t always be fighting against them by yourself. You need comrades, right? Let me help you.”

After that, it seemed like it had a companion. The word companion, spoke in the language of the elementals, was much longer than in the human tongue but also more meaningful.

“Malourcha, let’s build a lake. Then they wouldn’t be able to come over here.”


“Mmhmm, lake. You haven’t seen one, right? It’s a scene like the shallow seas — of course, not as magnificent as my homeland, but still very beautiful.”

Thinking of its homeland, it nodded.

“Malourcha, is the lake very beautiful?”

“Not like the shallow seas.” It answered seriously after a long while of contemplation.

“Then let’s make it bigger. So big that it has no end.” She said excitedly. “Oh right, after I die, please bury me under the biggest Tree of Fog. Then I can go back home.”


It squinted its eyes slightly. In some distant part of its brain, there was some information hidden about this. It was about elemental creatures. A sentence that seemed burned into its soul flashed across its memory “Life and death, elementals ever cycling –”

“Mmhmm,” the little fairy answered with its eyes squinted. “Life and death, elementals ever cycling. Without death, there will not be new life.”

It stared at the black nigh

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