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Chapter 751 v4c126

Eternity (27)

Less than an inch from the sharp edges of the ice prisms, a network of silver lines extending from the ice surface appeared behind Brendel in time; the wall, defined in the Laws as a barrier between the inside, outside, and surface, also had an implication of stopping. Brendel landed heavily on the equidistant grid of silver lines, and the corresponding force was transported back from the Wall of Laws, which helped him roll backward, but at least he did not fall into the Frostbite Field, meanwhile, the silver threads bent downward, absorbing the tremendous impact of his landing. Only then did a clear and bright voice emerge from among the bitterly cold wind, “In the name of the Laws, the Wall, tension, shelter, the Terashoho Staff, the lightning strikes back-”

A five-foot-tall, five-foot-wide, emitting blue force field-shaped shield appeared in front of Brendel, while a lightning bolt tore through the frost-condensed fog, emitting a sizzling sound and stabbed Seibers who was at the center of the tundra field like a winding golden snake; although the King of the Frost Knight tugged at the beam of electricity, tore it to pieces and was unaffected, he looked up, the frosty fog dispersed, and saw the young Mage floating in mid-air behind him – Ciel.

After the first battle of Ampere Seale, Brendel had been researching ways to counter the Ultimate Realm. After the Planeswalker’s card deck was displayed, it would be linked to the Planeswalker according to the rules, and once blocked, there was unlikely another way to re-summoned it except during the reset moment each day. So the idea of making a Planeswalker card deck was born from then on, as a secondary

authority separated out from Brendel. There was no doubt in the Laws that the Planeswalker card deck was considered part of his body, so Brendel could summon any card from the Planeswalker card deck to his side at any time, regardless of distance or the limits of the realm. This meant that Brendel could even leave the Ultimate Plains at any time now if he wanted to.

It was just that it was pointless as he understood that he could only get the reward for that quest if he defeated Seibers here.

He knew exactly what that could be.

The silver-white eyes of the King of Frost Knights looked surprised. After the fog parted, it was as if he did not see silver-robed Ciel,the Planeswalker card deck holding a silver staff and clad in a patterned white robe, but time reversing. It was as if he had gone back to a thousand years ago, the man who was crowned with the title of Dragon of the World: Darkness. It was just that one was facing him and one was back-facing him, and they both spoke at the same time.

“Seibers, can you see the tomorrow of this land?”

“King of the Frost Knights, I thank you for your hospitality, but it is my turn to attack next-”

The two voices echoed in his ears, Seibers narrowed his that were burning quietly with ph

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