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Chapter 759 v4c133

White Valley (4)

Freya bit her lip as she saw the wolf pack gather and then spread out suddenly, revealing something in the center- a few wolf corpses piled up together. Traces of a fierce battle could be seen everywhere in the snowy plain, which had been arranged beforehand to ensure that Yoakam and his team would enter the best shooting range.

After Yoakam found the corpses, he walked over slowly, followed by four gigantic wolves that were the size of war horses and surrounded him. They were the ghosts of the winter lands that often appeared in folk tales- the descendants of Warg Hati, the Pale Sons, far more terrifying than the Winter Wolves in the forest.

“Are you confident?” Brund, relieved to see that Yoakam had indeed squatted down beside those wolf corpses and started examining them, asked as he glanced sideways.

“I can give it a try.” Lolo replied.

After the simple conversation, the Folded Sword Squad made a final adjustment, took a deep breath, held it, kept the hand holding the bow steady, and then slowly pushed the bow to the right string. The bow made a creaking sound; most of the bows that were suitable for the power level of the Gold-rank were magical bows, and only the compound bows that had been treated with Laws such as ‘strong’ and ‘toughened’ could withstand a hundred times the power of ordinary people. But even so, every time the bow was used it meant that the life span of the bow would decrease and this degeneration was irreversible. In Aouine, magical bows on the market could be bought for 17,000 Taels a set, and even if they were made by the masters in the royal workshops, the lifespan of most of these bows would not exceed 100 shots. Every time it was fired, it was as if squandering gold coins equal to the weight of the bow.

The wind had not yet picked up in the canyon, and Yoakam was still unaware of it, but it was as if he had a natural sensitivity to danger that made him look up.

Freya exhaled softly as if to tell herself to calm down a bit.

“Fire!” Maynild gave the order to attack in a cold voice at almost the same time.

The power attached to the arrow was so great that it left the bow with a deafening buzzing sound, and where it passed, the air currents stirred, and from afar it looked like space was shaking.

The first arrow passed by the flank of the Winter Wolves, stirring up a whirlwind that blew the wolves off their feet. Under such an attack, Yoakam had no time to react; an arrow had already swooped down in front of him just as he turned his head. Across a distance of hundreds of yards, everyone could clearly see his frightened expression on his face.

The giant wolf beside him saved his life. The huge Pale Son leaped up and blocked the arrow’s path, then it was hit by an arrow on one side of its back, and the huge impact drove it directly into the snow, splashing snow everywhere.

The arrow fell upon them like rain.

The four Pale Sons ar

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