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Chapter 767 Dim Korfa

There was only a ray of light shining down amidst the pitch dark hall that illuminated the metal cold marble floor. Scattered upon the chilly stone floor were numerous corpses in dark robes. Red blood was flowing out of their necks through a stab wound in a mesmerizing manner. It followed the circular grooves on the floor, forming a peculiar symbol. The scarlet blood followed the pattern sluggishly, making it look like demon summoning rituals often depicted in legends.

Just as the trickle of blood converged completely, it seemed to come alive. It began flowing against gravity towards the centre of the magic array. The blood entered the elegant being laying atop the array. In the next moment, the White Wolf slowly stirred from its lengthy dormancy. Its body began to move weirdly. Starting from the head, its pale snowy fur began to peel backwards- as if it was stripping off a fur coat- to reveal a beautiful girl’s crown. The sight of long lustrous ebony hair was presented. Next, a pair of frail shoulders and unblemished milky skin appeared. As the wolf’s fur gradually fell off, the delicate curves of this unrivalled beauty were finally displayed to the world.

The girl’s flawless body was finally in front of everyone. Her eyes were still tightly shut as if her soul was trapped in a never-ending dream. The subtle rise and fall of her chest was the only indication that the eldest daughter of Hati wasn’t dead. A commotion was stirred in the hall, and some of their breathings had turned heavy.

Korfa’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, just like the first blooming flower of spring. Her lids made way to reveal a pair of silver misty eyes. She clambered up from the ground languidly, allowing the once scattered long locks to gather into themselves like a black reverse waterfall. The girl lifted her head and stared at the few people who stood before her, bewilderedly.

“Who are you?” Her voice was clear and magnetic. Yet, it had a hint of piercing coldness.

Dim Korfa, the legendary eldest daughter of Warg Hati and the holder of the Arrogant Moon. Korfa was also one of the twelve Running Wolves under the Twilight- a ferocious beast before the era of chaos. In the legends, she had perished in a battle at Ebabel Fort… until this moment. This notorious name in all of history was no longer just a legend to halt children’s tears but now had returned to the land of Vaunte after a long slumber.

Arreck inhaled sharply in an attempt to calm his palpitating heart. He stepped forward and greeted, “Oh, mighty Korfa. Me and the others before you are true followers of Truth.”

“Oh,” realized Korfa. “I get it now. You’ve summoned my return to reactivate the Twilight, right?”


“But I’m still weak. There is nothing much I can help you with.”

“It is alright, mighty Korfa. There is a lot of time. Once you are released from the seal, your strength will return to its peak under the influence of the Great Demon

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