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Chapter 735


Eternity (12)

Along with a thud in Freya’s heart, there was a sharp swishing sound, a bitter cold wind brushed against her cheek, cutting off a few strands of hair around her ear and leaving a bloodstain on her cheek. “What the hell?” The future Valkyrie’s eyes widened and she subconsciously looked back just in time to see the object pierce Alea’s neck behind her- a sharp ice pick. Its thin ice blade pierced the knight’s neck, going from the left and out from the right.

“Alea!” Freya could not believe what she was seeing, she looked back and saw the Pale Sons, densely packed in the forest howling lowly. The cold air converged as their silvery fur curled, forming a swirling mass of air in which a sharp ice pick emerged from each of them.

And each ice pick was moving-

Freya drew a cold breath and immediately realized the danger she was in. She did not even have time to wipe the blood from her cheeks and immediately said to Maynild behind her, “Senior, find a way to wake up the others, we have to find a way to break out!”

“What are you planning to do?!” Maynild saw Freya grabbed the reins with one hand and rushed out her position as her heart dropped.

“…… that thing seems to know me, Brendel also told me about something similar, I don’t know exactly what the bloodline of the War Goddess is, but perhaps I can try to attract their attention.”

Freya had already drawn her Lionheart Sword, and as soon as she let go of the reins, she clamped her legs and charged righteously with the warhorse she was sitting on.

Her last few words were breaking up amidst the wind.

Maynild looked as the sight of Freya’s back faded in the wind and snow. She froze for a moment, then immediately turned back with a cold face and dragged the dazed Kirrlutz Bishop beside her.

Yoakami stood at the edge of the forest, rubbing his hands together as he narrowed his eyes and saw Freya charging down the hill alone. His eyes sparkled. The thick snow-white cloak behind the young girl fluttered in the wind, like a pair of white wings, the scene resembled the scene of the War Goddess charging described in the war poem. He smiled slightly,y, “It is really courageous, I can not expect to see such a scene in Aouine nowadays, Her Highness is really remarkable.”

But before he could finish his sentence, he was coldly interrupted by the monster on the side, “What’s the point of wasting time with them, take advantage of the fact that they are unaware and kill them!” The monster raised its head, and although it had no eyes, one could tell that it had always been watching the direction of Freya, “I order you to kill that woman!”

“No, we should strike at those knights, take advantage of the fact that they are still unaware.” Marquis Yoakam faintly froze, and then immediately retorted.

“On my command, I order you to kill that woman!” The monster replied stubbornly.

“But ……” Marquis Yoakam wanted to say something else,

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