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Chapter 710 v4c88p1 Salvation(3)

The great hall had been turned into a hellish scene filled with red blood that stung the eyes looking at it. The soldiers in white and red robes slowly walked over the piled-up corpses and the small rivulets of blood. Those cold metal boots stomped in unison across the carpet, turned sticky by the amount of blood it soaked up, and attempted to surround the corner where Brendel stood.

The half-elf Princess still attempted to struggle free from Brendel’s vice-like grip. She struggled but to no avail. So she quickly calmed down and demanded in a cold voice, “Viscount Cauldell, what exactly do you want?”

Among the panicked look coming from Haruz, Brendel placed the black sunstone-like blade of Halran Gaia against Princess Gryphine’s neck. He waited until the two approaching knights stopped their footsteps before answering, “Of course it’s to fight my way out.”

“Fight your way out?” Princess Gryphine looked dubiously at those soldiers. To her, they belonged to the same gang as Viscount Cauldell.

Brendel didn’t explain anymore. He used the sword to quiet the princess’ knights and the handmaiden around her. Then he said, “If you don’t want your Crown Princess to come to harm, then do as I say. You follow me. We’re going to retreat towards the stairs and go up to the second floor.”

Because Princess Gryphine didn’t know what “Viscount Cauldell” was up to, she let out a light snort.

“Princess, if Bessidine has a chance of survival, that’s what you want too, right? So I want you to work with me. I believe that you are smart and calm enough to calculate the odds right now. For all of us to die right here would benefit only your enemies…”


Haruz looked at him, conflicted, but Brendel glared back at him.

The expression on the Crown Princess’ face said clearly that she would not trust ‘Cauldell’ to change camp suddenly. She’d rather believe it was a trick. But Brendel got at least one thing right. Ever since Princess Gryphine left the Kinten Palace for the first time at the age of sixteen, she had always possessed the qualities of the very best politicians. She could calmly analyze the situation and accept any choice, as long as it wasn’t the worst choice.

She had always considered personal emotions as a rare luxury. Sometimes her logic was like a well-oiled machine; she was stubborn and coldhearted toward herself and yet she carefully guarded the hope in her heart. She had once sacrificed everything; that had created the Crown Princess in history that every player in Aouine empathized with.

Therefore for Brendel, it was enough that she neither rejected or accepted his plan. Brendel knew that Princess Gryphine did not abandon her guardedness when it came to him, but she also knew that at the very least, she would not intentionally work against him.

There was a bloody battle coming up. He didn’t want there to be someone who was always trying to find ways to stab him

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