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“The Elements are Laws. How can you touch The Elemental Barrier when you cannot control your own power yet? Simply put, you have to be at least a full-fledged Planeswalker to continue on this path. I have been wondering how you could reach the level of Elemental Activation, Brendel, when you have been using nothing more than other people’s decks and are an apprentice at best.” Sanorso looked at him with doubt.

A possibility flashed through Brendel’s mind: it might be because he had two souls. As one half, Sophie inherited the Planeswalker’s heritage and as another half, Brendel inherited the Darkness Dragon’s bloodline. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was a possibility, and he raised his thick eyebrows.

“So, what should I do?” he asked, “Lord Sanorso.”

“How should I know? I’m not a Planeswalker.” The Elf lady shrugged and glared at Brendel. “But you, as a Planeswalker’s apprentice, how come you act like a half-wit in every way? Is this how all Planeswalkers teach their apprentices? No wonder there are fewer and fewer heirs to this legacy.”

Brendel did not know how to respond. When he first activated the Elemental Pool, Tuman only told him the history of this legacy with how the Matatanias used this ability. Now that he thought about it, Tuman was just teaching him an introductory technique as time was running out so that he could deal with Count Teste’s pursuit.

After all, one had to live to learn future knowledge.

Later, in Kelsie’s tomb, the Deer Demon taught him advanced combat techniques, and although she also talked about the importance of pursuing one’s power, she did not go into that much detail. All that said, it seemed as if there was nothing wrong with what the Wind Empress had mentioned, and how he looked like a half-wit on the path of the Planeswalker.

Still, Brendel gave it some thought and said, “Well, actually, I’m not completely clueless…”


“Tuman once told me that perfecting the rules of the world begins with constructing your base deck,” he said. “He said, ‘In fact, from the moment you touched the first Card of Fates, you have revealed your deck of Cards of Fates.’ My deck was ‘Dominance Over all Professions’…” Brendel was a little embarrassed to say this term, but fortunately, the Wind Empress had not noticed this at all. She just looked at Brendel with a deep gaze. “So your heritage came from that guy-”

Brendel nodded, “It seems I misinterpreted his meaning. I started the path of knighthood in the beginning, but did not continue on that path after that. Instead, I blindly enriched the ‘world’.”

“You’re able to recognize that now?” The Wind Empress raised her eyebrows slightly. “It seems that after bringing forth that woman to speak to you, you should have noticed something, right?”

Brendel sweated profusely.

He certainly knew that the shameless woman Sanorso was talking about was Elaine, the Deer Demon. He coughed. “Pretty much, so I probably und

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