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Hearing Monica finish this speech in a mechanical tone, Brendel was almost dumbfounded. He could not help but blurt out, “Valhalla is a copy of Ebabel! Monica, do you know the legends of the time of the Divine Folk?”

Monica came back to her senses with a jolt and hurriedly shook her head, her tone returning to normal at once. “No, my Lord, I don’t know.

“Wait, so how do you know all this?”

“No, I don’t know either, but ever since the World Tree Fortress was upgraded, this knowledge seems to automatically appear in my mind as one of its chief directors,” the light sprite maiden hurriedly replied. “But I myself am unable to tell you anymore than that.”

Brendel was a little taken aback, but he calmed down. “In other words, Valhalla is most likely a creation from the era of the Divine Folk?”

“I am not sure about that, my Lord.”

“Never mind, at least we know that it is something of ours, and that is enough. ” Brendel waved his hand, deciding not to dwell on this nonsense. “Let’s return to the original topic. In that case, I only plan to build the Elf Arrow Towers on the looped road, so that means I only need to build twenty Arrow Towers, Monica.”

“I understand, my Lord, but the territory needs more magic power and supplies to ration nowadays, and I’m afraid the resources you allocated to us earlier are not quite enough,” Monica replied respectfully. “Thanks to your Lordship’s blessing, Valhalla is growing fast.”

Brendel bared his teeth. It would have been fine had Monica not brought this up, but now that she did, he remembered the piles of transparent crystals he had seen under the World Tree earlier. These things were proof of the wealth this World Tree Fortress had consumed over the past six months.

But that was just the beginning; each of the Arrow Towers on the list required the consumption of nearly two hundred thousand magical powers, as well as a colossal amount of supplies. Magic could be converted with crystals, while supplies would have to be transferred over from the territory one by one.

He could not help but mentally groan. “From now on, the percentage of magic crystals produced by the Black Forest for your use will be doubled from twenty percent. As for supplies, I’ll let Jana and Amandina fulfill your requests first…”

“Thank you so much, my Lord.” Monica the light sprite flew around excitedly in the sky.

It was apparent that she had spoken so much earlier all so she could hear those words from Brendel.

But Brendel actually knew better than she did that a higher level magic territory was a money-burning commodity, and the Elf Arrow Towers were just the beginning. With the Elf Arrow Towers, there was the need for archers and crossbows, followed by mages and magical apprentices.

Each of these required money. Brendel rubbed his forehead and asked, “How’s the Wind Archers’ training going, Monica?”

“Just about to report this, my Lord,” Monica immediately replied. “The Hall of the W

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