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The crystalized blood gave off a dark blue glint as it shone on the snow-covered ground.

The fairy girl in Maynild’s hand drooped her head as if she had died. Her slender shoulders trembled slightly.

The mission to gather crystalized blood could be considered as being completed. But there was one problem; Brendel couldn’t be sure that demonized crystallized blood counted. Plus the strangeness of the forest had caught his attention. He knew that in the past the Amber Sword had some hidden mission settings.

Whether the current one counted was hard to tell. But it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

He looked at the demonized Crystal Stag struggling on the ground and was a little confused. What happened to it to turn it like this? As a creature that cohabited with magic, the Crystal Stag would rarely sink into an obsession with dark magic.

But strangely, it seemed to be fighting against the taint of the dark magic, which meant that it hadn’t voluntarily turned. But how could such a sensitive magical creature be invaded by dark magic —

And that strange little fairy.

Brendel took a step closer and said, “Anger and nervousness will only increase the influence of the dark. If you keep going on like this, you’ll just sink lower and lower. I can feel your struggle. Can you hear me?”

The stag blew out a breath of white air from its nostrils and stared at Brendel with blood-red eyes.

Brendel paused. He wasn’t a druid and didn’t know how to soothe animals. In fact, he had no such experience in his past life, which troubled him. This Crystal Stag seemed to have some rationale left, yet it acted frustrated and uneasy.

He didn’t understand why it was so frustrated and uneasy. It didn’t make any sense. Demonized creatures, even in their demonized state, would only act like the black wolves in the Black Forest and be filled with anger and a desire to destroy civilization. This kind of hatred was ice cold instead of red hot; what he felt on Malourcha was a sense of restlessness and anxiousness. It seemed to be in a hurry to chase them away.

He hesitated and tried to put his hand against Malourcha’s neck.

But in that very moment, a trace of killing intent flashed across the demonized Crystal Stag’s eyes. It was as it was waiting for this precise moment. It had seemed too weak to move before, but now it suddenly swung its head.

Three half-transparent waves seemed to appear in front of Brendel in the blink of an eye.

His pupils constricted slightly — the fatal weak point of Crystal Stags located on their necks right below their horns seemed ineffective against the demonized Crystal Stags! He had calculated the amount of blood the stag should have, so he wasn’t at all suspicious when the Malourcha collapsed. He hadn’t imagined the other was laying a trap for him.

Brendel’s heart thumped. The threat of death made his brain whirl at a crazy speed a thousand times faster than its usual rate. In that second

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