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Chapter 750 Eternity (27)

The last blow obviously worked.

The world receded like tides, into a patch of light like a butterfly fluttering and dissipating. After the sunset view of the endless wilderness receded, the original frozen cave in the ice was seen, then a cold wind whistled and a chill went down both Brendel and Ciel’s spine. “Lord!?” Before anyone could react, Medissa’s slightly concerned voice was heard. Another inquiring voice was slightly more subdued, “Brendel, that thing pulled you to the Ultimate Plains-?” This was Veronica, the female army chief’s low and Cielismatic voice.

Where is the Ultimate Plains? Brendel jerked his head up, but there was no sight of dusk, the sun, nor the wilderness, but only the blue ice cave, the Filas couple, Veronica, the little female Dragon, and her little brother who loved food, Ciel, Medissa and the hunter maiden she was holding, the Ash Sword Saint Mephisto, the prince, and the royal eldest son of the Kirrlutzians who was standing a little farther away. All of them were here as if nothing has happened. Brendel looked around him, and finally, his gaze stopped on Barbossa and the Witches around her a little further away.

Barbossa’s eyes were burning with fervor, and those witches who usually seemed to disdain to deal with mortals were exchanging glances with each other. Without exception, they were all looking at Brendel suspiciously.

Then there were the little female Dragon’s somewhat puzzled golden eyes, which seemed to have a flame within them.

“You have some strange smell.” Aloz said as she inhaled and frowned.

Brendel took a deep breath. He was covered in bruises and in pain, but he was surprisingly calm when he heard this question from the little female Dragon.

He almost thought it was all a dream –

But luckily, the Witches’ stares and the little female Dragon’s question answered his doubts.

He could not help but hold his right hand with his left, and what was in it was the answer to everything that had happened before. But the others apparently did not notice this subtle action of Brendel, Ciel exchanged a glance with him, while Veronica and Mephisto’s eyes fell on Brendel’s left hand – Brendel’s Halran Gaia had long been placed back into its sheath, slung behind his back, while he was clutching another sharp sword.

The blade was like a thin blade, frost blue, like ice crystals.

“Cynna the Frost Chant–” Veronica’s voice asked, “Brendel, what exactly happened, were you just pulled into the Ultimate Plains?”

What happened?

This was a good question, especially for Brendel. He looked up, but everything that happened before still seemed to be replaying in his mind:

“Frostbite Field!” Along with Seibers raising the slender, bright blade of the Frost Chant Cynna in his hand, a cold aura like a ripple spread out in all directions from his body as the center. That layer of ice mist swept through, followed by the crunching sound of the groun

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