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Chapter 766 v4c140

Can’t We just Focus on Killing Monsters Nicely?

Covered in soot, Aloz sat on the ground. No one dared to approach her for her golden eyes were burning with the violent flame of wrath. Everyone was concerned that the dragon would lash out at them next. Brando made the smart choice to keep mum. If he were to tell Aloz that this was actually the Hall of Traps, one of the most famous locations in the game and that one-third of the difficulty to go against the Twins of the Dusk Wolves was attributed to the venue, Aloz would definitely take it as a jab. The little female dragon’s temperament was never docile. Aloz would’ve transformed into a giant dragon and swallowed Brando whole if such remarks were made. Brando’s silence was decided after careful considerations and a raise of his brow.

Mel was bound to die horrifically- This would be its outcome for angering a dragon. Strictly speaking, Aloz’s strength was about the same as the Twins of the Dusk Wolves. However, Mel wasn’t accounting for a furious Aloz. Surprisingly, the little female dragon morphed into a golden giant dragon and slashed its claw across the black wolf. The wolf was sent flying and before it could even register anything, it was already rolling down the abyss. The battle was over so fast that this might just be the fastest boss sacrifice in the ‘Amber Sword’.

Brando went to the edge of the cliff, craning his neck over to see where Mel could’ve landed. What a pity. One-half of the twins had fallen, there really was nothing left. At this moment, he received an icy question. “What do they call that filthy animal?” Aloz’s voice made Brando’s heart thump in fear. He wasn’t planning on agitating her further but the dragon seemed to have no plans to spare him.


“Mel, the Twin of the Dusk Wolves,” said Aloz with a cackle. The response sent shivers down Brando’s spine, he was beginning to suspect that the little female dragon was rewired by the lightning trap earlier. Aloz narrowed her golden eyes and stated, “Ha, I can’t believe the legendary leader of the Dusk Wolves couldn’t defeat me. Looks like I can go through with my coming-of-age ceremony.

“Jeez!” Brando retracted with wide eyes. He had seen narcissists but he had never encountered anyone so arrogant. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Mel was still in its sealed state. Its strength wasn’t at its prime. After all, this was the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep. If this battle had taken place outdoors, it would probably take more than ten Aloz to stand a chance against any of the Disaster Twins. Despite that, Brando had never heard of the Dragon Race’s coming-of-age ceremony. If it called for a challenge against a demon whose strength exceeded theirs- Brando involuntarily cast another glance at Aloz. Could Aloz be thinking of using Mel to accomplish that requirement? Dragons couldn’t be that unreliable, right?

“What about it?” There was a sharp change in Aloz’s tone, her wor

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