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It’s Not A Coincidence

Devard seemed as if he lost all his tolerance and roared out in anger, his face was full of indignation as if he had seen an implacable enemy. Faced with such a Hawk, Brendel felt innocent. He even felt that it was too much of a coincidence. When they first met, he cut off one of the other party’s hand;, the second time they met, the other party almost died on the battlefield; and this time, it was clear that the next thing to happen would be something this man wouldn’t like to see.

Brendel felt pity for the Highlander’s Hawk in his heart, but that didn’t stop him from saying what he had to say next, “Mr. Devard, has your hand grown back?”

“Count Trentheim, you deserve to die!” Devard’s face was as gloomy as black tar. Brendel could feel his anger. If this anger was turned into substance, then at this moment Brendel would have already been wounded, but unfortunately, the Hawk was still far from being able to kill from a thousand miles away with consciousness, so Brendel had nothing to worry about at the moment.

Of course, Mr. Devard’s courage was unquestionable because if he could, he would have drawn his longsword and dismembered Brendel, or at least sacrifice his life upon killing Brendel in order to avenge his shame. But now Devard felt as if his legs were heavily planted into the ground, not to mention to fight with Brendel, it would be difficult for him to even take a step forward.

Because Brendel was leading the two giant Wandering Magic Lords behind him, and a tidal wave of Revitalizing Magic – the Icy Breaths were coming directly towards them. As long as one’s intellect was still sound, one would understand what this Count Trentheim had in mind. After all, it was not a very impressive ploy with such a move.

But here’s the thing…

Devard found that there was only one way left for them to deal with this despicable ploy. “Vile bastards!” He cursed and turned around, giving the single most impeccable order to deal with the situation at hand, “Retreat!”

Brendel laughed inside. Just as Devard had realized, it was also how he had planned long ago- what both parties were going to do now was run a torturing race. They did not need to run extremely fast, they just needed to be faster than each other. But it was not easy for Devard to slip away one step ahead of him. Brendel snapped his fingers and spun his index finger in the air, then the black-robed knights who were retreating suddenly felt their feet go numb, and the originally solid ground seemed to turn into a rotten mud floor.

Secondary Quicksand Spell, a tier one earth element spell which only effect was to soften the ground. Because the spell’s effect was on the ground and not the people walking on it, the black-robed knights didn’t even have the chance to resist the spell with magic resistance. Although in general, this spell itself was not necessary to resist, because it only makes the ground a little sof

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