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The Lost Food (2)

At this time, almost half an hour had passed since she was found, and Brendel saw the newly awakened Peya look blankly at her surroundings, and there seemed to be a hint of confusion in her eyes. and the confusion in her dark eyes turned into intense vigilance.

Suddenly, like a beast, she rolled over and bounced off the ground, her hand subconsciously reaching for the short bow behind her back.

But she was bounded to grab nothing.

Then Peya came to her senses, and she saw Brendel, stunned: “Ah! Sorry, Lord Knight……I thought-”

But Peya’s words suddenly stopped.

When Brendel saw the horrified look on her face, she turned around at once and looked into the surrounding forest, as if she had seen a ghost.

“How……exactly……the same……”

Peya suddenly took a few steps back, ignoring everyone around her as she retreated and observed the woods around her. She retreated faster and faster, and then she took off running, disappearing into the forest in a flash.

Everyone was stunned by Peya’s action. Brendel was also startled before noticing that the hunter maiden had disappeared in the exact direction that led to the exit of Milos’ Breath.

“Brendel?” Freya asked, “What’s wrong with Peya, should we catch up with her?”

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what was going on, and Brendel himself was confused. Peya’s did not seem like a reckless person. On the contrary, she was an outstanding hunter.

Most outstanding hunters, however, had one trait in common.

Calmness and composure.

Brendel only hesitated a little and then said, “Let’s follow her.”

A faint starlight began to appear in the forest, indicating that they were leaving the range of the Eternal Night Forest. Under the dim light, Brendel saw the hunter maiden ahead like a sturdy female panther moving between the forest’ trees.

She did not go deeper into the forest blindly, it was more like she was finding a path, occasionally stopping to wait for them. This put Brendel’s mind at ease, for there was nothing he hated more than someone leaving the team and putting others in danger, which was both selfish and stupid.

But it did not look like Peya had lost her mind, as Brendel saw her occasionally stopping and looking around, with a puzzled look on her face. This confirmed the suspicion in his mind that the hunter maiden must have discovered something in her dream. Sometimes dreams revealed the future, and the chances of this happening are slim to none, but it would not be impossible if Peya’s dream was entangled with her brother’s.

Brendel realized that Peya might have seen the direction in which Duke Arreck and the others were headed in the dream.

This was the only possibility that could have made the young hunter maiden so disoriented. But it meant that her brother was not dead, at least not while passing through the forest.

In this way, the group moved forward for about two or three hours under

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