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Chapter 726 v4c102 Eternity(3)

Now, right at this moment.

A ball of flesh was running between the food, and if one looked more closely, it could be seen that it was carrying the goods one by one deeper into the hole. It was a ball of flesh with a pair of wings – wings that remind people of a roast turkey at a New Year’s festival, and a pair of fat paws. The pair of claws were short and small, but at least they could grab the boxes and drag them backward. The thick hind limbs, obviously a little overdeveloped, made it wiggle as it walked. Every step this ball of flesh took, the bucket-thick tail wiggled a little, while making puffing noises.

If it was not covered with dense, considerable beautiful pale scales, and had two pairs of horns, the average person might have thought it was a hippopotamus, instead of a Dragon.

Even though Shitah was a real Dragon, a very rare young Frost Dragon even in the Dragon clan, of course, he was driven back during childhood by the Dragon clan because Shitah was keen of collecting food instead of hoarding wealth. Shitah’s parents considered it a disgrace, and then on the first day after he was able to live independently, they kicked him out. It was this experience that created Shitah’s timid character. But he was satisfied with his personality and his life, as the humans always ‘sent’ him a lot of good food, and this place was also very comfortable to live in. Of course, except for one thing. After all, Shitah was still a Dragon, he felt that it was simply an insult to his intelligence for those humans to actually think that he did not notice them. In fact, whether it was Veronica or Arreck, since the first moment they entered this glacier, Shitah had found out about them. If a person’s intelligence was proportional to the capacity of the brain, then Shitah’s intelligence would be hidden in all his fat.

Shitah scratched his gills as he started to think and suddenly remembered that he had tasks to finish- he was getting ready to move since two weeks ago, as the humans did not seem to have good intentions, and Shitah had never cared to fight with these insignificant creatures. Although the Dragons all thought that he was a cowardly Dragon and a disgrace to the Dragon race, but Shitah thought otherwise. Why fight? What good is there to fight? It only consumes energy. He had collected so many delicious things to feed himself, he found it unnecessary to go and deal with those poor and cheap adventurers. The Nine Phoenix had an old saying which Shitah had always held as a motto: The barefooted would be afraid of those who wear shoes. He felt like he was the party that possessed everything, how could he get involved with the beggars?

All in all, it took about two weeks for the Frost Dragon to move all the things that would have taken about two days to empty; he even used magic in the meantime to make up for the time he wasted by falling asleep. The magic of Shitah was also unique, he called it the

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