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v4c71 Haruz’s Battle

“Haruz, hold tightly onto your sword and think of your sister. You’re fighting not just as a warrior, but also as a man.”

The little prince stood there in utter confusion. It was the female elf mage who reacted first. She looked down at her little prey and her beastly instincts lifted the corner of her mouth into a cold smile. Like a cat playing with a mouse, she slowly approached him, bent down, and wound her arms around his neck. She reached inside his shirt for the magic crystal.

Haruz was scared stiff. His beautiful eyes opened wide and there were tears welling up in them. His delicate elven nose took staccato breaths. His reason told him to take the sword and stab his opponent in her soft abdomen, but the sword seemed to weigh a thousand kilograms in his hands. His arms froze in that position and all the sword-fighting skills he had learned fled from his mind, leaving it blank. Sweat seemed to pool in his palms.

Moreover, the demonic spirit’s black eyes looked at his. Dark magic was the best at invading someone’s mind and the female elf mage could easily sense the little prince’s terror. Her pale and beautiful face cracked into a pitch-black smile. She smiled disdainfully down at him. Half of the demonic spirit’s body was pressed up against Haruz and she intentionally rubbed her soft globes against his cheek. Her slender arms draped themselves across Haruz’s neck like spider legs and her sharpened fingers almost touched the magic crystal.

But her desire for magic wasn’t just for that tiny magic crystal. To her, the little prince with the potential to be a mage was like a feast.

Haruz shook like a leaf. He turned around stiffly and begged Brendel with his eyes.

“Sir knight, he’s really not suited for battle.” Peja the huntress couldn’t stand to watch anymore.

“He has to fight. He chose this path and now’s the time to face it with courage.” Brendel answered seriously, completely ignoring Haruz’s pleading gaze.

Peja opened and closed her mouth. She wanted to say something but ultimately kept quiet.

“Everyone must fight for various reasons, miss hunter. But Haruz has a unique reason. It’s not just for glory, or for belief, or for ideals. It’s because he has to become stronger so that he can answer to many people’s expectations.”

“But you can’t just live for someone’s expectations –” Though she knew her station in life was humble, the hunter girl couldn’t help but protest. She thought the knight would scold her severely, but Brendel merely asked her gently, “Would you live because your brother wanted you to, miss Peja?”


“Those who truly expect something of you are the ones who are closest to you. It’s not pleasant to hear because there’s nothing that’s perfect in this world.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to apologize to a nobleman like me. Though your words are sharp like a knife, they’ll only correct my mistakes. Besides, you’re not wrong. As I said, ev

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